Chris Daly- Remote Coaching Client

I’ve been with OPEX for over 4 years.  I started following the OPT Big Dawgs Blog and then found my way to individualize, remote coaching. As a CrossFit coach and trainer, OPEX made the most sense when I discovered it.

My current coach is Meghan Sweet and I’ve been with for over 3 years.  She has helped me in my own personal growth as a coach as well a competitive masters athlete. This year was my highest finished so far in the Open, coming in 50th in the Northeast and 521 worldwide.

Meghan has always been there for me, whether I didn’t feel like competing or when my training wasn’t going well.  She showed me all the improvements I have made and training hours I’ve put in, and helped me refocus my energy on being confident in my ability.  She helps me with my lifestyle and does not just send me daily workouts.

At my current gym, Reebok CrossFit Back Bay, we now have 4 other coaches working with OPEX. Our gyms programming is being done by one of our coaches who’s going through the OPEX CCP Level 1 which has upgraded our clients experience. This past year, we also held an OPEX athlete camp. I’m glad my coaches and clients are able to experience how OPEX has helped me.

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