Coaching Certificate Program CCP

The Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) creates a distinction between who is a coach and who instructs fitness classes. We take the term coach seriously, as we believe in and understand the passion behind what that means: a person who embodies and teaches from a sound knowledge base the aspects of physical wellness. Our program helps coaches build that knowledge base by providing valuable tools in exercise program design, nutrition, lifestyle consulting, physical assessment and business systems education. Coaches are more than educators. We are role models, life advisors, and leading community members that have far reaching impacts on the lives of others. When you are interested please feel free to contact us for your free consultation about becoming a great coach!

Please take a look below at exactly how the Total Coach Program is setup for you.

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CCP Coach Success Stories

Michael Brownfield- CCP Level 1 Coach

My love for coaching goes back to my graduate assistant position for my alma mater after completing my college football career. I took the business route after graduation but remained active in my own training.  While the cubicle-life provided for a stable career, I knew something was missing. In 2009 I was introduced to CrossFit in Sioux Falls, SD…

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Kenny Markwardt- CCP Level 1 Coach

I’ve owned CrossFit Sandpoint for 3.5 years now.  Before that, I did personal training and coached Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a few years.  Ever since I started coaching, I sought out to learn from the best, and to find the knowledge that gave me the confidence to know that I was giving my clients the best that I could give. I went through a variety of certifications…

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Brandon Wilton- CCP Level 1 Coach

My current coaching goal is to evolve and expand as I continue to learn and engage with CCP. I feel as though the OPEX coaches, they set feelings aside and go with data. If they know the answer to something, it is supported, if they don’t, they won’t tell you they do, they will go figure it out and get back with you. It’s good knowing you have competent people…

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Journey of a Total Coach

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OPEX CCP Courses are CEU’d by the following: