Assess Like An OPEX Coach
An Inside Look at the OPEX Assessment Method

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This 24-page guide gives coaches an inside look at the OPEX Fitness assessment method: Body, Move and Work. OPEX Education Instructor Sam Smith will show you how to master the basics of each method through a client avatar. In this guide Coach Smith walks you through the assessment he conducted and explains how the assessment informed the program design. Download today to start assessing like an OPEX coach.

Assess Like An OPEX Coach

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  • An understanding of how to conduct an assessment using the OPEX assessment method
  • The confidence to establish measurable benchmarks to develop informed program designs
  • Mastery of the three core OPEX Fitness tests to utilize with your clients immediately
  • A sample assessment and program based on a client avatar


A comprehensive understanding of assessment is the key to becoming a successful fitness professional. Download this free guide to start utilizing the most effective assessment model in functional fitness.