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The difference between a professional coach and a hobbyist is that the professional is passionate about having a career in fitness. They don’t work a side job to cover the bills. They continuously seek new knowledge, and they get in the trenches and coach full time. They strive to coach with Competency, Consistency, and Care to build stronger trust and relationships with their clients. The Coaches’ Toolkit is a FREE downloadable guide that gives you the knowledge to turn your passion into a fulfilling career.

Whether you are a Personal Trainer, a CrossFit® coach, a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a fitness instructor, or a student craving real world knowledge to help you become a professional fitness coach, the Coaches’ Tookit is the perfect place for you to start your education. Learn directly from OPEX CCP Instructors how you can level-up your coaching practice today!

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What’s inside of the Coaches’ Toolkit?

We’ve created a 17-page downloadable reference guide to take you through the 5 principles of the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program – CCP

The business of coaching

The business of professional fitness coaching with CEO, Jim Crowell

In Business of Coaching section, you’ll learn:


Consultation With Sharon Prete

In the Consultation section, you’ll learn:


Assessment With Michael Bann and James Fitzgerald

In the Assessment section, you’ll learn:

Program Design

Program Design With James Fitzgerald

In the Program Design section, you’ll learn:


Nourishment With Sean McGovern

In the Nourishment section, you’ll learn:

We will give you an outstanding starting point to see just how powerful the OPEX CCP Program will be for you as a coach!

Become a well rounded coach and pursue your career by taking advantage of The Coaches’ Toolkit today!

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