Energy System Training
Learn How To Program Effective Progressions

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Energy system training (EST) is a massive subject in the fitness and athletic development industries.

Few coaches would disagree that understanding energy systems training is vital to their efficiency as a strength and conditioning specialist and the longevity of their career.

“Being able to identify which energy system needs work “relative” to the function and goals of the client will allow a coach to design a program tailored towards those weaknesses.”- OPEX HQ Coach Sam Smith

While many coaches understand the basics of energy systems training, they don’t know how to apply this knowledge to design a fitness program to improve the tangible energy systems of their clients.

That is why we developed this guide: to help coaches like you learn how to implement energy system testing into assessments upfront.

This gives you as a professional coach an idea of a client’s starting point from a work capacity perspective.

It also provides you with a direction of their fitness program in relation to their objectives.

We created this guide to help YOU learn how you can program effective progressions for various energy systems.

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In this guide, you will learn:

  • What is Energy System Training
  • The Three Energy Systems:
  • Creatine Phosphate System or “Gain”
  • Anaerobic and Glycolytic System or “Pain”
  • Aerobic System or “Sustain”
  • Training Progressions for Each System
  • How to Incorporate All Three Energy Systems Into a Week of Training
  • How to Build A Year Long Progression using Energy Systems