How to Integrate Strength
Speed Work into

Fitness Program Designs

This 30-page document will help you learn how to utilize
strength speed work to improve your clients' fitness!

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In your studies as a professional fitness coach you may have come across an aspect of the strength continuum called strength speed. An understanding of what strength speed is and how to incorporate it into your fitness program designs is critical to your success as a professional fitness coach.

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In this free guide, you will receive:

  • The Definition and Importance of Strength Speed Contractions
  • The Science Behind Strength Speed Contraction Training
  • How to Apply Strength Speed Work in a Fitness Program
  • Examples of how to Apply Strength Speed Work to Various Clients
  • How Barbell Cycling and ‘Battery’ Based work can be used to enhance a client’s Strength Speed.


Become a master of strength speed contractions and improve your clients and athletes fitness characteristics today!

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