Functional Bodybuilding

The best way to train in the Off-Season

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Many competitive fitness athletes believe that bodybuilding has no place in their training. They fear that this style of training will ultimately limit their physical potential. THEY’RE WRONG!

Every athlete can benefit from a bodybuilding-style of training. Functional Bodybuilding isn’t just about body composition, though it certainly helps, it gives you the foundation to improve your potential for years in fitness.

OPEX Athlete Marcus Filly looking ripped doing ring push-us

Build a rock solid body that can withstand the demands of CrossFit®… and look good doing it!

For many years, OPEX has been using Functional Bodybuilding to help athletes build the foundation to perform at their best in competitive fitness.

Functional Bodybuilding was created to:

  • Build a Rock Solid Body
  • Correct bad movement patterns
  • Increase training volume and build strength in a balance
  • Use isolation and temp work to meet the needs of the individual and sport

This training supports your body so you can handle the demands of ANY sport.

Functional Bodybuilding develops the vital physical components all athletes demand.

Functional Bodybuilding benefits include:

  • Managing inflammation to enhance recovery between workouts
  • Developing motor control to assure your skill in the gym
  • Building strength that is critical to progression in fitness and sport
  • Enhancing function to succeed in all aspects of life
  • Balancing to the nervous system to improve both short and long term results

And we know better than anyone. Not only did we coin the term, we’ve trained thousands of successful athletes using this methodology.

OPEX Athlete Tennil Reed recovering from a workout

We are giving YOU an exclusive look at what an off-season program looks like with our FREE 4-week Functional Bodybuilding e-book.

In addition to the program, you’ll receive an extensive dive into how, what, and why behind Functional Bodybuilding. That includes:

  • The history of Functional Bodybuilding at OPEX
  • What Functional Bodybuilding is and how it will make your training rock solid
  • Why Functional Bodybuilding will help you become a better athlete
  • Why templates for general bodybuilding or strength conditioning don’t work

This program is a sample. It wasn’t designed with a specific athlete in mind. However, it will give you a glimpse into OPEX’s successful approach to training athletes for competitive fitness.

So, stop wasting your time with generic group programming.

Download our FREE Functional Bodybuilding template.

Discover how this style of training can get you where you want to go.

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