Ian Kaplan- OPEX CCP Level 1 Coach

I started “coaching” my college lacrosse teammates in fitness in 2012.

I chose the OPEX CCP program because I know people who were are involved in the community and I shared the belief that there is always more to learn about fitness. The claim that excellence in this field demands never ending test or a  really resonated with me.  I was getting coaching and I really valued the process, I wanted to learn provide that insight to others.

OPEX has helped me see tremendously along my path as a fitness professional. More importantly the CCP courses have given me a bigger perspective. I now have the tools to grow as a coach indefinitely, using the guiding principles I learned through OPEX as my compass. I feel more confident in the value I have to offer than I ever though I could be at 21 years old. I now lead a small but growing community of people who enjoy the growth that comes with a long term approach to training and have awareness of what it takes to live according to their highest priorities without judgment.

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