Kenny Markwardt- CCP Level 1 Coach

Kenny Markwardt- CCP Level 1 Coach

I’ve owned CrossFit Sandpoint for 3.5 years now.  Before that, I did personal training and coached Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a few years.  Ever since I started coaching, I sought out to learn from the best, and to find the knowledge that gave me the confidence to know that I was giving my clients the best that I could give.  I went through a variety of certifications, certificate courses, weekend seminars, books, webinars, etc, but never felt satisfied.  I sought something more concrete and based in efficacy and proven methods.  Through my journey, I kept hearing the name James Fitzgerald and OPT, especially in regards to a course on Program Design.  The other affiliate owners, coaches, and trainers that I knew always spoke the most highly of James and his work.  Through discussions with them, it was clear that the OPEX journey was something I had to experience.

Without a doubt, I was most excited about Program Design.  I am enamored with brainstorming, designing and perfecting the ultimate program for the client.  It’s the subject I get most excited about and am most passionate about discussing and learning about.  I always want to know the hows, whys and whats.  OPEX offered the best avenue in my quest for knowledge on the subject.

Far and away, the module that surprised me the most was Life Coaching.  I ended up purchasing the bundle of courses, but had I not done that option, I’d imagine that I would have skipped the Life Coaching module.  It just didn’t speak to me.  However, after going through it, I sincerely feel as though it’s the most important one.  The knowledge and expression of a good program, or a good nutritional plan is really not all that complicated.  However, compliance to that program or plan and the ability to align those with a clients priorities is paramount to everything else.  I could write an impeccable program and give a client the perfect macronutrient profile for their stated goals, but the equation for their success is so much deeper than that.  Life coaching really opened my eyes to factors to consider, and gave me the tools to explore my client’s values on a deeper level.

My goals when I first started was to complete a series of courses that would round out a complete education for a coach.  That may sound vague, but there are so many courses and offerings out there that it’s difficult to feel as though you have a well rounded education for a coaching career.  OPEX offers just that.  I felt like completing the courses and the case studies would give me that education.

I’ve achieved a demonstrable amount of knowledge in the world of fitness. I can say without a doubt that I possess more knowledge and tools than most of my peers.  This allows me to feel confident in my abilities as a coach, and my abilities to train my coaches so they can do the same.

My current coaching goals are to continue to grow my business and offer my knowledge and tools to my clients.  I’m naturally very competitive, so it’s very important to me to feel as though I have a skill set that puts me a step ahead of my competition.  I sleep much better at night knowing that I can really help my client’s make positive changes in their lives.

CCP has given me an incredible base of knowledge from which to continue to grow and evolve from.  I’ve learned how much I love this shit, and how excited I am to continue the journey.

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