Kevin Schuetz- Remote Coaching Client

Everything that OPEX stands for resonates with me. I’ve always believed that there are optimal approaches to fitness, training and lifestyle in general. I have always been looking for better and better ways to approach these things and OPEX has greatly helped me improve all these aspects.  I am now working with Matt Bryant.  My goal when I first started with OPEX was to take my fitness to the highest level possible. My ultimate goal is to qualify for the CrossFit Games.

I have been with Matt for less than 3 months now but I have already seen huge improvement in my aerobic capacity which I always knew was my biggest weakness. I qualified for regionals with the open workouts coming out bad for me. If I hadn’t started working with Matt and started to attack my weaknesses correctly I don’t think I would have qualified.

My current goals have not changed since I only started a few months ago but the reasons they are important to me is that I want to prove to myself that I can accomplish what I set out to accomplish. I want to lead by example to my athletes and my gym members and have fun doing it.

My coach has empowered me in a number of ways. I thought I was attacking my weaknesses before but I can already see and feel how much better the approach to training has been since starting with OPEX. Everything is so well thought out and makes perfect sense to why it is programmed.

I’ve learned that genetics and predisposition towards certain types of athletes isn’t set in stone. I’ve always felt like I was naturally stronger and powerful but bad endurance. I always thought I would be bad at endurance but I’m learning more and more how everything can be improved if trained correctly.

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