Lindsay Marshall- Remote Coaching Client

I have always been drawn to OPT/OPEX since I discovered the big dawgs blog 4-5 years ago. Even after I no longer followed the blog, I still found myself at the website occasionally and following their athletes. The training was just so different from anything else I was seeing and the culture was something I knew I wanted to be a part of.

What finally pushed me was seeing friends, which are current OPEX athletes, that I had trained with in the past progressing and I had not. I knew that if I wanted to become a better athlete I had to find a coach and make some lifestyle changes. I finally pulled the trigger and haven’t looked back since! I am now coached by Brian Foley.

My goals when I first started were to get better at gymnastics movements, get leaner, be a full match player with Grid, and qualify as an individual and compete at the 2017 South Regional.

Since starting with OPEX in October 2015, I have already achieved more than I ever thought I could. In 9 short weeks I accomplished my goal of getting a muscle up, which came after 6 years of trying! With my coach’s helpful advice, I was able to take control over my diet and lifestyle and drop 18 pounds, which has made body weight movements much easier. I felt more prepared than I ever had going into the Open. This helped me feel confident going into each week and I ended up placing 32nd in my Region and helping our team qualify!

One of my current goals is to win the NPGL Pinnacle trophy with my New York Rhinos team (sorry, Rise)! I also want to qualify for the American Open this year and to continue to improve gymnastics skills. I am also going through the CCP courses and my goal is to complete the case study by January.

My goals are important to me because they keep me working towards something and keep me focused on taking care of myself.

I had given up on believing I could be remotely capable of the things I can do now. Brian has empowered me with confidence so that I no longer question if I had already reached my potential, but know that I have so much more to tap into…even in my thirties!

He tests me with things that I am not very good at and I have learned to love some of them. In the past, I would see a pull-up or hspu and roll my eyes or just not do the workout. I would get easily frustrated with my inability to complete simple movements and would just give up. Now, I find myself getting excited when I see strict pull-ups, muscle-ups, and rope climbs in my training! This has empowered me to go into a piece with the confidence that I know I can complete it. He also challenges me to figure things out on my own, which has helped me tremendously in learning to pace. When we started I was terrible at pacing and would fall apart quickly; the best way I got better was learning from my previous mistakes and implementing his feedback.

During this process, I have learned that I am still capable of great things. I turned 30 and figured I would just keep being okay with my corporate job, being stressed and tired all of the time, and never progress as an athlete. Signing up as an EC client and going through the CCP courses has changed that mindset!

Signing with OPEX has been one of the best things I have done for myself. I needed a lifestyle change and this gave me that push to do so. I fixed my sleep issues, stress less, recover more, eat better, and live a more fulfilled life.

PS: Thank you for being so welcoming when I visit & train onsite!

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