Nina Arezina – Remote Coaching Client

I was a CF Regional athlete that needed a more personal direction when it came to training.  I was a victim of following a few of the free online blogs for competitive athletes and was constantly overtrained when it came to competition time because it was based toward the general public and not towards my needs, weaknesses, abilities, body…etc.

I always knew James as the badass who won the first CF Games and OPT was a rather popular name when it came to online programming.  I followed the Big Dawgs programming for a while to see if I liked it and made the decision to set up a Free Consult and shortly became an EC Client.

My current coach is Robin Lyons (#LyonsRoar). When I first started with OPEX, my goal was to make it back to Regionals. I’ve dealt with adrenal fatigue in the past so my goal was to train at a high level without over-training. A third goal was to drastically improve my gymnastics skills.

I’ve made it to Regionals both years that I have been with Robin, but I am competing and hanging with some of the BEST CrossFit athletes in the world and competing alongside them at major competitions like Regionals and Wodapalooza…and holding my own and beating them!

I am also the two-time Fittest Woman in Wisconsin for 2015 and 2016.  This year I won every event in my state whereas last year, it came down to 15.5.

I want to continue to compete at a high level.  We have two gyms and our members tell me that they are so proud to have me as their coach because of the things I have achieved by being a competitive CrossFitter.  No other coach in the state has sent individuals or teams to Regionals every single year.  I have trained and sent athletes to the CrossFit Games…and myself, I have been to Regionals for the past 5 years. Also, I want to keep having fun while training.  That is one thing Robin drilled into my mind…to enjoy the process and enjoy the NOW.

Robin and I have very similar personalities.  There is no bullshit, it’s straight-forward and to the point.  You can be real with her and she will be real with you.  When you begin to stress and worry, you can always count on her to either talk you down from the ledge, or push you to get your head out of your ass and forge on.  It’s a very “real” relationship, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Sometimes she tells you things you don’t want to hear, and as competitive athletes, we need that reality check…it pushes you to work harder than you ever thought you would and do some of the crazy shit she programs that you would never do on your own.

I look up to her as she was a great athlete herself back in the day, and I am honored to have her do my programming for me so I do my best to put in the full effort each day for her.

I learned to listen to my body and to have fun while training.  Before training with Robin, I would push through days I felt sluggish, tired and weak because I thought I “had” to train 2-3 times pre day for 5 days a week.  She made it very clear that if I was completely wrecked, to take a day off, cancel appointments and rest up for the next day.

Training is also very stressful year round because you don’t know if you’re doing enough to achieve that things you want to achieve…(doing well in the Opens, making it back to Regionals, qualifying for big time events, gaining sponsorships…etc.)…Robin helped me realize that because I love lifting weights and working out so much, it might as well be FUN and to enjoy the process.  Work hard, but have a fun positive attitude about it.  Not everyday is going to be a record setting day, and you can’t get pissed every time you miss a lift.

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