Nutrition Handbook
for fitness coaches

Upgrade your coaching today with 5 steps to customize any individual nutritional programming.

Steps to Programming Nutrition

A coach's competency is determined by their ability to help clients achieve optimal fitness results. The key to those results? A strong grasp of the fundamentals of nutrition. 80% of any clients results come from their eating habits, not how clever your fitness programming is.

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Practical Steps to
Programming Nutrition

Teaching new clients how and what to eat can be stressful. This booklet offers a framework of proven nutritional strategies tailored to the individual, as well as practical steps to help you jumpstart your client's journey.

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Inside this guide,
you'll recieve...

Basic Lifestyle

This detailed sheet can be given to new clients to help them align their lifestyle and nutrition for fitness.

Sample Food Log and
Client Intake Form

These two forms are vital to understanding where your client is currently at; which will allow you to effectively design a program that will yield results.

5 Steps to Onboard
a New Client

Confused with where to start on nutrition topics with a new client? We offer easy steps to help you master the process.