OPEX Four – Test your Fitness

Submit your scores and see how you stack up against others.

With a 45:00 min running clock complete the following:

Test 1: 1RM Snatch
0:00 – 8:00

The Snatch single or Snatch 1 rep max (RM) tells a lot.

Unlike many other strength movements, the Snatch exposes many strengths and weaknesses of athletes.  When an OPEX coach investigates your snatch movement, you will learn about your Flexibility, Co-ordination, Strength and Athleticism.

Submit your scores to speak with an OPEX coach about how to build explosive power.

Che Front Squat

Test 2: 2RM Front Squat

The front squat assesses; Flexibility, Strength, Awareness and Possible 1RM.

With regards to structural balance, as your training age improves, and your exposure to both the Back Squat and Front Squat increases, we start seeing 85% as a normative standard of what the Front Squat should be in relation to the Back Squat.

Submit your scores to speak with an OPEX coach on how to develop elite strength and flexibility.


Test 3: 3 min AMRAP
Strict Pull ups

(rest 16:00-18:00)

The 3 minutes sets the stage for what we call the battery of muscle endurance-style test. What this entails is the person’s ability to charge the muscle back up to be able to perform strong enough contractions to continue the pull up actions. The awareness of when the battery is ready and recharged takes time and experience for you to learn and build.

Submit your scores so that an OPEX coach can provide you tips for improving your muscle endurance and upper body strength.

Row 30/30

Test 4: 30/30 Row

(*rest from 21:00-41:00)

OPEX 4 row repeats looks to deliver insight into the cyclical and metabolic measurement of fitness. It is INSIGHT.  It is NOT an answer to someone’s problems with capacity, endurance, or power.  It is INSIGHT.  Knowing how the aerobic and anaerobic systems cooperate is a pretty powerful recognition.

Row 30 secs as hard as possible, rest 30 secs while remaining strapped into the rower. Repeat 3 more times. Record each attempt in meters.

Submit your scores and speak with an OPEX coach to increase your rowing efficiency.


Submit your scores and see how you stack up!