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Why an opex Gym?

OPEX Gyms solve a timeless problem that everybody faces

So many people start a fitness program with the best intentions, but once the novelty wears off, they realize that they aren’t progressing, they aren’t enjoying it, they feel worse than when they started, or that they don’t trust the coaches or owners of the gym they are in.

In an OPEX Gym, you'll have the eyes of your own Professional Fitness Coach who will work with you one to one throughout your entire fitness experience. You'll also have the helping hands of outstanding floor coaches making sure you're training safely and effectively whilst enjoying every workout. You'll also enjoy the fun and support of a great community of people around you each and every day. OPEX Gyms really are the best of the Personal Training and Group Training worlds.

We don’t believe in band-aid fixes. While you can get short term results with most anything if you start from scratch, the proof in the pudding is when you align your fitness to the goals and priorities that you have in and out of the gym. It’s only then that you’ll find true balance and fulfillment in fitness that’ll allow you to enjoy your own unique fitness journey to progress forever.

OPEX Gyms serve a powerful mission

To create an environment for the clients, the coaches, and the owners to win for decades.

What is unique about our mission is that we tell the same thing to our gym owners as we do to you as clients. It’s important because we care deeply about aligning your interests with those of the coaches and owners in your OPEX Gym. Your success is paramount to all OPEX Gyms, so we’ve aligned our message to guarantee we offer a product that serves the needs of everybody to ensure we all succeed!

Launched in June of 2016, there are already over 50 OPEX Gyms across the world. The beauty of training in an OPEX Gym is that you have the benefits of a Professional Coach customizing your experience while working out in a team environment with your friends, family, and peers. Inside of an OPEX Gym, you’ll enjoy an experience that:

Meets You Exactly Where You Are

Because you work directly with a coach who consults, assesses, and writes a fitness program based directly on the results that she/he sees from you, you will not be intimidated by movements or workouts that you know you shouldn’t do. This leads to a longer-term, safer, better progression of your fitness, health, and wellness.

Builds Real Relationships

Unfortunately, coaches aren’t able to work closely enough with their clients to give them the right program or the right advice at the right time. In an OPEX Gym, you’ll become better aligned with your coach over time instead of feeling like your coach cannot help you after you’ve gone through the first few months.

Allows You To Train Anywhere

While we love having you train in an OPEX Gym, we are realistic that you have work and personal trips that will take you out of the gym. When that happens, it’s no problem. Either train in another OPEX Gym, or take your program with you on the road. You know that you’ll still have the training that is tailored for you, and you know that you’ll still have the support of your coach wherever you are.

Supports You For Decades

When you have the support of an individual coach, you will have somebody in your corner as your goals and priorities change in life. They will work with you not only through your fitness program, but they will always provide you an inclusive and supportive gym environment that you will be proud to call home.

Is Comprehensive

No longer will you need to worry about your “coach” nickel and diming you into multiple “additional classes” or “add-ons.” In an OPEX Gym, there is one service, and it’s called OPEX which is the best version of Individualized Functional Fitness. When you sign up for OPEX, you will receive consultations, assessments, program design, nourishment (ie. nutrition), on-the-floor coaching, and an outstanding environment with like-minded people to train in.

Helps you win everyday

Gone are the days where you'll feel the need to “compete everyday.” In an OPEX Gym, you have your own program where you help and get helped through your workout because your coaches and friends care that you win everyday. The level of care in an OPEX Gym is a crucial separator from other programs.

How do OPEX Gyms work?

An OPEX Gym is the perfect combination of customized fitness designed exactly for you mixed with the fun and supportive environment of a community gym.

You’ll work one to one with a Professional OPEX coach who will customize your fitness experience by ensuring that you have:

Consistent consultations

It’s so important for you and your coach to build a relationship as you progress through life. Not only will you sit down with your coach right when you begin your program, you will sit back down each month with them so that you are always on the same page about where you are, where you want to go, and how you want to get there.

A Customized Fitness Program

A lot of people talk about “customized”, but they do not abide by it. Every OPEX Coach designs their clients a fully customized program based on where they sit today and where they want to go now and into the future. There are no templates, no cookie cutter programs, and no more “maybe this will be a better movement for you to do because you can’t do the workout on the board.” Your coach meets you where you are so that she/he can help guide you forever toward your goals.


We prefer the word nourishment to “nutrition.” Every OPEX Coach works with their clients to better understand what keeps them healthy, happy, and fulfilled in and outside of the gym. Sometimes you will work on the food you eat while other times you may work on removing stress from your life so that you overcome life’s obstacles and succeed in your training for the long-run.

Consistent Feedback

Have you gotten tired with coaches who promise the world but don’t deliver on it? OPEX Coaches work with you through a state of the art fitness platform called Fitbot. They send your program there, but they also give you feedback on the results that you’re getting so that you have a consistent record of how and where you’re improving.

An Outstanding Training Experience On The Gym Floor

We all know that a great training environment is key to staying accountable to your health and wellness goals. At an OPEX Gym, you will workout with people who have amazing goals just like you, but you won’t feel the pressure to “beat” them or look better than them because everybody is doing their own training. Removing the drama while adding an outstanding floor coaching experience will remove stress and enhance short and long-term progress for you in and outside of the gym.

Not only do the coaches get to work with you more closely, you’ll enjoy the camaraderie of a team environment while you train every day. An OPEX Gym is the last fitness gym you’ll ever need.

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