OPEX License Program

The OPEX License Program not only connects you to the Global brand of OPEX, but it teaches you intricately how to setup, structure, grow and create longevity in your business. It’s the perfect combination of a mastermind group mixed with advanced education. James Fitzgerald and Jim Crowell bring their deep experience in both coaching and business directly to your business. When you sign up to become an OPEX Gym you will immediately gain 2 new coaches who will be with you closely for 6 months as you implement all of the proper business systems into your business. You will never need to worry about being ‘alone on an island’ when being part of OPEX Gyms. Our gyms, coaches and staff will support you through your entire journey.

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OPEX Gym Success Stories

“The most important thing so far is the attention to creating systems for coaches, admin staff and functions. We are much more detail oriented and have a better handle on the back end of the business i.e.: the bottom line. We are also very pleased with the level of support we get from Jim, James and Mike Lee regarding the different areas of the business. One last point would be the help with marketing and advertising…it has vastly stepped up our game!”– Steve Volke, OPEX Regina

“The OPEX Licensing program has helped create a standard of quality and consistency around procedures.The most beneficial part of this program is it connects you with the best practices and a community of like-minded individuals paving the way for individual designed fitness.”Jesse O’Brien, OPEX Austin Downtown

“The most beneficial part to me was the business fundamentals that we acquired. As an owner/coach, it’s easy to get lost in the minutiae of programs, diet and lifestyle coaching. Obviously these things are important and are at the core of what we do, however, they are supported and require strong business systems to thrive. Understanding how to move your view from big picture to small picture and back again is important.”– Troy Venuto, OPEX South Baltimore

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