EP. 070

Ben Pakulski IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and MI40 Creator

Ben Pakulski is a Canadian IFBB professional bodybuilder and winner of the 2008 Mr. Canada competition. In 2012 he finished 11th in his first Mr. Olympia contest and in 2013 he placed 2nd in the Arnold Classic.

With a degree in Kinesiology, Ben’s approach to bodybuilding has always been intelligent and healthy. It’s this approach that he teaches to bodybuilders and coaches both on-line, in-person and on his podcast, Muscle Intelligence. 

Carl Hardwick, CCP Coach and OPEX’s COO caught up with Ben to discuss his accent to the Olympia, and his training methodologies, including the importance of mindset.





0.00-0.45: Carl introduces Ben

00.45-12.00: Ben recounts his background, including his beginnings in bodybuilding

12.00-18.30: Ben discusses his coaches and mentors

18.30-22.30: Carl and Ben share views on health and longevity

22.30-26.12: Ben comments on how to coach for health and longevity

26.12-34.38: Carl and Ben discuss the state of the fitness industry and its future

24.38-35.51: Carl and Ben discuss fitness and technology

35.51-37.50: Carl describes OPEX’s model of Personalized Fitness

37.50-41.45: Ben shares his approach to coaching

41.45-50.53: Ben shares his approach to nutrition

50.53-57.12: Carl and Ben discuss fitness education

57.12-1.06.56:  Ben shares where he finds himself now, including his Muscle Intelligence Podcast, which will soon feature OPEX Founder, James FitzGerald

1.06.56-1.08.00: Ben discusses his Miami gym, MI40

1.08.00-1.09.00: Carl signs off the OPEX Podcast