EP. 036

Brent Fikowski’s Nutritionist Talks Performance Nutrition for Competitive CrossFit


Amie is the Head dietitian and owner of Target Nutrition.

Amie fell in love with learning how to adapt her nutrition to support exercise and performance. Amie personally competes in weightlifting and her peak interest is in helping athletes make weight for competition. However, she shows a great interest in CrossFit as she trained in this sport for many years and understands how nutrition plays a significant role in recovery and performance.

It is her greatest joy teaching her clients how to eat the right food at the right time in order to increase their quality of life, energy levels and performance. It is not just all about body composition changes. She wants the best for her clients, for them to feel like they can train to their highest capacity and feel that they have the energy to do so.

Websites and Social Media Links:

Website – targetnutrition.com.au

Facebook – Amie Cox

Instagram – targetnutrition

Books mentioned:

Clinical Sports Nutrition

Muscle and Strength Pyramid – Nutrition Manual

Resources and People mentioned:

Dr. Gary Slater

Dr. Louise Burke

Joseph Agu

Brad Schoenfeld

Alan Aragon

Brent Fikowski

Tommy Bowe

Graeme Close

Eric Helms

Danny Lennon

Mike Israetel

Nick Shaw

Daniel Davey

3D Muscle Journey

Renaissance Periodization

Sigma Nutrition

Crossfit Mayhem

Sports Dietitians Australia

Education in Nutrition



0:00 – 2:23 – Robbie Intro’s the show and asks Amie to introduce herself and give us her background

2:24 – 3:07 – Robbie asks Amie who have been the biggest influence on her professionally

3:08 – 5:50 – Robbie asks Amie – what are the good and not so good things that she currently sees within the nutrition profession, and for the not so good things, what solutions would she offer to counteract them?

5:51 – 7:28 – Robbie asks Amie – What are the key fundamentals when it comes to fuelling performance for Crossfit athletes

7:29 – 9:49 – Robbie asks Amie – how does she calculate an athlete’s caloric needs

9:50 – 20:44 – Robbie asks Amie – how does she set up macronutrient requirements, food type recommendations, and nutrient timing

20:45 – 26:39 – Robbie asks Amie about how she prescribes different nutritional strategies for difference types of training sessions and mixed modal pieces

26:40 – 28:02 – Robbie asks Amie did she have to make any major adjustments to Brent Fikowski’s nutrition when the Crossfit games switched from California to Wisconsin?

28:03 – 31:03 – Robbie asks Amie how her nutritional strategies differ between elite performers vs general population?

31:04 – 35:05 – Robbie asks Amie does she set macronutrients requirements based off bodyweight?

35:06 – 37:37 – Robbie asks Amie if she utilizes a high/low strategy within some nutritional periodization schemes?

37:38 – 39:23 – Robbie ask Amie about her experience at the 2018 Crossfit games

39:24 – 55:46 – Robbie asks Amie what are the biggest lessons she has learned so far in his life?

55:47 – 57:48 – Robbie asks Amie for her top resources

57:49 – 1:01:13 – Robbie asks Amie – how does she learn?

1:01:14 – 1:03:27 – Robbie asks Amie for her top and current book recommendations

1:03:28 – 1:04:30 – Robbie asks Amie if she only had 1 year left on planet earth – how would she spend that year and why?

1:04:31 – 1:08:27 -Robbie asks Amie – if she could invite 5 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would he invite and why?

1:08:28 – 1:09:43 – Robbie asks Amie – is there one thing or ritual that she does every day that is important to her day?

1:09:44 – 1:10:51 – Robbie wraps up the show!