EP. 077

Brian St. Pierre

Brian St. Pierre is the Director of Performance Nutrition at Precision Nutrition. Brian was kind enough to come on and talk with OPEX CEO, Jim Crowell, about a myriad of fascinating topics.

Some of the heavy hitter topics on this episode are:

1. How complex does nutrition really need to be for most people?
2. How does behavior factor into people progressing within nutrition?
3. Just how tightly correlated is nutrition to fitness performance?
4. How do you approach an athlete’s nutrition (and behavior) vs a fitness enthusiast’s?
5. What coaching behavior and language is generally positive to present to clients?
6. What coaching behavior and language is generally negative to present to clients?

We spoke about some of Brian’s experiences with professional athletes, but we also talked about the similarities and differences between those athletes as well as everyday athletes – fitness enthusiasts.