EP. 44

CJ Martin & Tino Marini on The Business of Coaching & Building Invictus Fitness

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Books Mentioned by Robbie

The four agreements


Podcast Mentioned:

Barbell Shrugged – Episode 262: CJ Martin On The Mindset Of A Competitive Athlete

Brute Strength – Episode 85: The Invictus Mindset ft. CJ Martin

Airbourne Mind – Episode 14: The Invictus Mindset W/ CJ Martin

People and Resources mentioned:

CCP Level 1

CJ Martin

Tino Marini

Charles Poliquin

Poliquin Certifications

James Fitzgerald

Functional Movement Screen

Perform Better

Mike Burgener

Crossfit Journal


Functional Range Conditioning

Julian Pineau

Benjamin Franklin

Jim Rohn

Val Voboril

Mahatma Gandhi

The Invictus Poem

Zach Even Esh

Gary Gray

Kristin Holte

Charlie Francis

David Beckham

John Wooden

Michael Krzyzewski

Warren Buffett

Jimmy Fallon

José Mourinho

Abraham Lincoln

Joseph Chilton Pearce

Jacque Fresco

Martin Luther King Jr

Paul Chek


John F. Kennedy

Teddy Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Thomas Jefferson



0:00 – 2:55 – Robbie intro’s the show and asks CJ and Tino to introduce themselves

2:56 – 6:35 – Robbie asks the guys about their biggest influences

6:36 – 11:08 – Robbie asks the guys about their continuing education

11:09 – 20:17 – Robbie asks the guys what are the good and not so good things that they current see within the fitness coaching profession, and what solutions would they offer for the not so good things they are currently seeing?

20:18 – 29:11 – Robbie asks the guys – how important is it for coaches to prioritize their own health and well-being

29:12 – 32:46 – Robbie asks the guys what is Invictus’ training philosophy?

32:47 – 36:27 – Robbie asks the guys about the training system at Invictus

36:28 – 40:19 Robbie asks the guys – how do they set realistic expectations with their clients?

40:20 – 46:30 – Robbie asks the guys about what movement assessments they use?

46:31 – 49:20 – Robbie asks the guys what is essential to become a top fitness athlete?

49:21 – 51:40 – Robbie asks the guys about their testing protocols for looking at their athlete’s physical capacities

51:41 – 55:12 – Robbie asks the guys what physical quality propensities do top fitness athletes generally possess?

55:13 – 55:49 – Robbie asks CJ if he utilizes Charlie Francis’ high/low model with his athletes?

55:50 – 1:01:28 – Robbie asks the guys what are the main differences between training male and female fitness athletes?

1:01:29 – 1:03:16 – Robbie asks the guys about the macro programming structure with their athletes

1:03:17 – 1:06:05 – Robbie asks CJ how they structure both individual and group training within Invictus?

1:06:06 –1:09:23 Robbie asks what Day 1 at Invictus looks like for both an athlete and a general population client?

1:09:24 – 1:10:09 – Robbie asks the guys what do they offer their athletes and clients regarding nutrition and lifestyle education?

1:10:10 -1:11:34 – Robbie asks the guys for the biggest lessons they have learned in their lives and careers?

1:11:35 – 1:12:40 – Robbie asks the guys how do they learn?

1:12:41 – 1:14:21 – Robbie asks the guys for their top life resources

1:14:22 – 1:15:32 – Robbie asks guys what is one thing they do every day that is essential to their day?

1:15:33 – 1:17:43 – Robbie asks the guys what’s next for Invictus?

1:17:44 – 1:21:21 – Robbie asks the guys for their top life advice

1:21:22 – 1:22:21 – Robbie asks the guys if they only had one year left on planet earth, how would they spend that year and why?

1:22:22 – 1:30:46 – Robbie asks the guys, if they could invite 5 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would they invite and why?

1:30:47 – 1:32:20 – Robbie wraps up the show!