EP. 041

The Comeback Story of Brute Strength Co-Founder Mike Cazayoux


0:00 – 24:07 – Robbie intro’s the show and asks Mike to give us his background?

24:08 – 37:16 Robbie asks Mike who have been his biggest influences on him both personally and professionally?

37:17 – 40:35 – Mike speaks about how important your environment and the people in your life are in shaping your mindset and life

40:36 – 45:55 – Robbie speaks about the work of Alan Watts and the universal need of contrast

45:56 – 52:01 – Robbie ask Mike what have been the biggest lessons he has learned so far in his life?

52:02 – 55:26 – Robbie discusses mastery

55:27 – 55:53 – Robbie wraps up the show!

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Books Mentioned:

The Four Hour Work Week


Books Mentioned by Robbie

Biology of Belief


The Four Agreements

Videos Mentioned:

Louis C.K. – “Why”

Audio books Mentioned:

Alan Watts – You’re it

Documentaries Mentioned:

Ken Burns – Vietnam War

People and Resources mentioned:

Tommy Hackenbruck

Rob McDonnell

Matt Bruce

Gayle Hatch

LSU Football

Tommy Moffitt

Mike Boyle

Beniamin Franklin

Teddy Roosvelt

Pat Davidson

Luka Hocevar  

Adee Cazayoux

Tim Ferris

Louie CK

Joseph Chilton Pearce

Bruce Lipton

Jacque Fresco

Jordan Peterson

Alan Watts

Jim Rohn

Joe Rogan

Mark Verstegen

Dan Pfaff

Ken Burns