EP. 039

Discerning and Alleviating Back Pain with Dr. Stuart McGill

Show Notes:

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Website – backfitpro.com

Facebook – Backfitpro Inc

Twitter – @drstuartmcgill

Instagram – backfitpro

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Books Mentioned:

Back Mechanic

The Gift of Injury

Stu’s Book Recommendations

Clinical Neurodynamics: A New System of Neuromusculoskeletal Treatment

Books Mentioned by Robbie


Low Back Disorders

Ultimate Back Fitness Performance

Podcasts Mentioned:

Renegade Radio – Episode 153: Faster Recovery, Anti-Aging, & How to Prevent Cancer – Eric Merola

Mind Muscle Project – Ep 202 – The truth about heavy lifting and your spine with Stuart McGill

Documentaries Mentioned:

The God Cells: Full Documentary | Fetal Stem Cell Therapy | by Eric Merola

People and Resources mentioned:

Mike Boyle

Kevin Carr

Paul Chek

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski

Eric Merola

Jason Ferruggia

Brain Carroll

Marty Gallagher

Ed Coan

Kirk Karwoski

Pavel Tsatsouline

Bruce Lee

James Fitzgerald

Joseph Chilton Pearce

Jacque Fresco

Bruce Lipton

JL Holdsworth

Reflexive Performance Reset

Michael Shacklock’s Neurodynamic Solutions

Bill Kazmaier

Ken Kinakin

Joel Jamieson

Pat Davidson

Tim Gabbett

Elon Musk

Muhammad Ali

Albert Einstein

Mahatma Gandhi


Abraham Lincoln

Martin Luther King Jr

Nelson Mandela



0:00 – 3:00 – Robbie intro’s the show and asks Stu how he has been since they last spoke?

3:00 – 12:09 – Robbie asks Stu, how has his recovery from hip surgery been?

12:10 – 16:24 – Robbie asks Stu to discuss why he wrote the book Back Mechanic?

16:25 – 20:55 – Robbie asks Stu for his thoughts on surgical interventions for rehabilitation

20:56 – 35:46 – Robbie asks Stu what are his thoughts on movement variability when it comes to spine health

35:46 – 41:32 – Robbie asks Stu to discuss some of the self-assessments that he outlines in Back Mechanic to help individuals to develop the most appropriate treatment strategy for themselves

41:33 – 44:40 – Robbie asks Stu – how much consideration does he give to other factors that could potentially contribute to an individual’s back pain, such as, nutrition and lifestyle habits

44:41 – 46:41 – Robbie asks Stu – does he evaluate a patient’s sleeping posture?

44:40 – 54:18 – Robbie asks Stu – what is the story with hip anatomy and exercise prescription

54:19 – 59:30 – Robbie asks Stu about his role rehabilitating world-class powerlifter Brain Carroll from a potential career-ending sacral injury to setting a 2651lb total at 242lb at the 2016 US Open! Robbie also asks Stu about the book that he and Brian published on the entire journey!

59:31 – 1:03:14 – Robbie asks Stu about the therapeutic benefits of brisk walking in low back rehabilitation

1:03:15 – 1:04:22 – Robbie asks Stu if he had any in-put on Brian’s initial program design when Brian resumed a structured and dedicated powerlifting program?

1:04:23 – 1:07:01 – Robbie asks Stu – what have been the biggest lessons he has learn since they last spoke back in 2012?

1:07:02 – 1:07:56 – Robbie asks Stu – how does he learn?

1:07:57 – 1:13:37 –  Robbie asks Stu for his top resource and life advice

1:13:38 – 1:20:18 – Robbie asks Stu for his top and current book recommendations

1:20:19 – 1:21:26 – Robbie ask Stu, if he only had one left on planet earth, how would he spend that year and why?

1:21:27 – 1:24:54 – Robbie asks Stu is there any area of research that he did not get a chance to do, that he would still love to do?

1:24:55 – 1:28:55 – Robbie asks Stu, if he could in 5 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would he invite and why?

1:28:56 – 1:29:25 – Robbie wraps up the show!