EP. 061

Dr. Jon Johnson PhD Expert in Chrononutrition


Dr Johnston has successfully led projects studying links between circadian, metabolic and nutritional physiology funded by the BBSRC, MRC and Diabetes-UK. His recent research outputs include the analysis of: timed meal effects on the human circadian system (Wehrens et al 2017 Current Biology); human metabolome rhythms (Isherwood et al 2017 FASEB J); human skeletal muscle rhythms (Loizides-Mangoldet al 2017 PNAS; Perrin et al 2018 eLIFE) and time-restricted feeding in humans (Antoni et al 2018 J Nutr Sci). He has also published widely on the topic of hormone rhythmicity. He is a Trustee of the British Society for Neuroendocrinology, and was a core member of BBSRC Committee A. He has a strong track record in public engagement via TV, radio, podcast and written media. He has experience working with the food industry, via consultancy work and research collaborations.

Show Notes:

Websites and Social Media Links:

Website – University of Surrey Profile

Email:  j.johnston@surrey.ac.uk


Books Mentioned:

The Circadian Prescription: Get in Step with Your Body’s Natural Rhythms

The Four Agreements

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly books

Jon’s Book Recommendation(s):

PJ Wodehouse

Articles & Research Mentioned:

High Caloric intake at breakfast vs. dinner differentially influences weight loss of overweight and obese women

Meal Timing Regulates the Human Circadian System.

Podcast Mentioned:

ATSW: Episode 210: Greg Potter – Circadian Rhythm masterclass



People and Resources mentioned:

Till Roenneberg

Greg Potter

Mark Kilgallon

Amy Bender

James Fitzgerald


Sherlock Holmes

Starship enterprise

Mstislav Rostropovich

Chiyonofuji Mitsugu

Martin Luther King Jr

Genghis Khan

Florence Nightingale



0:00 – 1:47 – Robbie intro’s the show and asks Jon to introduce himself

1:48 – 3:30 – Robbie asks Jon how he got into circadian biology research?

3:31 – 9:45 – Robbie asks Jon to discuss his research around peripheral circadian clock mechanisms in the body

9:46 – 12:47 – Robbie asks Jon what is the relationship between the peripheral and central circadian clocks?

12:48 – 16:12 – Robbie asks Jon how much of an impact does shift work have on circadian regulation and how much of detriment the electrical lightbulb has had on human health?

16:13 – 21:18 – Robbie asks Jon to share his thoughts on the effects of meal timing on circadian regulation

21:19 – 23:39 – Robbie asks Jon what time of day should humans stop eating and does this time change with the different seasons?

23:40 – 32:47 – Robbie asks Jon about some cofounding factors that may change the metabolic regulation of body across the day?

32:48 – 39:35 – Robbie asks Jon about chronotypes

39:36 – 48:16 – Robbie asks Jon about the circadian timing of medicine and medications

48:17 – 51:31 – Robbie asks Jon if melatonin has an antagonistic effect on insulin?

51:32 – 56:21 -Robbie asks Jon how applicable are rodent study models when applying their findings to  humans?

56:22 – 1:02:32 – Robbie asks Jon for his thoughts on evolution and meal-timing patterns that have been proposed among hunter-gathers societies

1:02:33 – 1:08:21 – Robbie asks Jon about meal composition and its effects on circadian regulation?

1:08:22 – 1:13:29 – Robbie asks Jon about what social changes would he like to see put in place going forward to optimize circadian health?

1:13:30 – 1:15:26 – Robbie asks Jon for his top and current book recommendations

1:15:27 – 1:16:56 – Robbie asks Jon how he learns

1:16:57 – 1:19:15 – Robbie asks Jon what have been the biggest lessons he has earned so far in his life?

1:19:16 – 1:20:21 – Robbie asks Jon, if he only had 1 year left on planet earth, how would he spend that year and why?

1:20:22 – 1:26:11 – Robbie asks Jon, if he could invite 5 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would he invite and why?

1:26:12 – 1:27:45 – Robbie wraps up the show!