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Enda King – EP085


Enda King PhD MSc has over 15 years experience working as a Sports Physiotherapist with athletes and coaches across a spectrum of sports and disciplines. Currently, he is Head of Performance Rehabilitation with Sports Surgery Clinic, Dublin, Ireland.

Enda completed his BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy degree in Trinity College, Dublin and MSc Manipulative Therapy in Curtain University in 2009. Graduating with distinction Enda returned home and has focused his work in the Sports Surgery Clinic in Ireland around cutting edge methodology for hip and groin injury prevention and rehabilitation. In early 2019 he completed his PhD through the University of Roehamption in London exploring the influence of 3D Biomechanical analysis on outcomes after ACL reconstruction. Through his base at the renowned Sports Surgery Clinic, Dublin Enda combines his clinical and research work through the use of 3D biomechanics and high-level residential rehabilitation to optimize performance and an efficient recovery after injury. He has worked with athletes and consulted for teams across a wide variety of disciplines including rugby, soccer, AFL, NFL, UFC, boxing, jockeys and GAA. His greatest areas of expertise lies within hip and groin related, as well as knee / ACL rehabilitation, and he is committed to performing innovative research to develop robust methods for injury prevention and rehabilitation in elite sport. Enda has over 20 peer-reviewed publications and regularly travels to speak at international conferences on groin injuries, ACL Return To Play and Return To Performance After Injury. Enda also authored the hip and groin chapter in “Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation”.

Show Notes:

Websites and Social Media Links

Website: enda-king.com

Website – sportssurgeryclinic.com

Facebook – Sports Surgery Clinic Santry

Twitter – @SSCSantry

Instagram – sscsantry

Books Mentioned:

Everything is Fucked

Podcast Mentioned:

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People and Resources mentioned:

Martin Kennedy

Trinity College

Curtain University

University of Roehamption


Raheem Sterling

Daniel Davey

Danny Lennon

David Pope

Ray Dalio

Al Vermeil

Jordan Peterson

Mark Manson

Pat Davidson

Lee Taft

Viktor Frankl 



0:00 – 7:56 – Robbie intro’s the show and asks Enda to about his background

7:57 – 15:47 – Robbie asks Enda about the process of individualising rehabilitation

15:48 – 23:09 – Robbie asks Enda if he feels that there can be an over emphasis on the biomechanical model within rehab?

23:10 – 31:55 – Robbie asks Enda about building trust and sustainability in the rehab process

31:56 – 39:23 – Robbie asks Enda about how an injury can lead to a self-identity crisis?

49:24 – 45:43 – Robbie asks Enda how his role at the sports surgery clinic has led to him attaining a deep sense of meaning

45:44 – 47:11 Robbie wraps up the show!