EP. 058

Eric Cressey Founder & CEO of Cressey Sports Performance


Eric Cressey, MA, CSCS, is president and co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance, with facilities in Hudson, MA and Jupiter, FL.  Eric has worked with clients from youth sports to the professional and Olympic ranks, but is best known for his extensive work with baseball players; more than 100 professional players train with him each off-season. Cressey has authored over 1,000 articles, published six books, and co-created seven DVD sets that have been sold in over 60 countries around the world.  Eric has lectured in five countries and more 25 U.S. states, and his research has been published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.  He’s consulted extensively for both professional sports organizations and various companies. Cressey publishes a free blog, newsletter, and podcast at his website, www.EricCressey.com.

Show Notes:

Websites and Social Media Links:

Website – ericcressey.com

Facebook – Eric Cressey

Facebook – Cressey Sports Performance – MA

Facebook – Cressey Sports Performance – Florida

Twitter –  @EricCressey

Instagram – ericcressey

Books Mentioned:

The E-Myth


Made to Stick


Why We Sleep

Eric’s Book Recommendation(s):



Power of Moments

Articles Mentioned:

Mastering the Deadlift – Part 1

Mastering the Deadlift – Part 2

Mastering the Deadlift – Part 3

Construction by Adduction

Neanderthal No More – Part 1

Neanderthal No More – Part 2

Neanderthal No More – Part 3

Neanderthal No More – Part 4

Neanderthal No More – Part 5

Shoulder Savers – Part 1

Shoulder Savers – Part 2

Shoulder Savers – Part 3

Podcast Mentioned:

OPEX Podcast: #050 – The Brand X Method

Ready State Podcast: S1EP4: Eric Cressey

People and Resources mentioned:

James Fitzgerald

Mike Boyle

Mike Robertson

Brian Kaplan

Shane Rye


Tim Cook

Warren Buffett

Pete Dupuis

Anna Cressey



Zach Even Esh

AJ Wnukowski

Maria Sharapova

Corey Kluber

Blake Treinen

Miles Mikolas

Matt Hobbs

Mattew Walker

Vern Gambetta

John O’Neill


Noah Syndergaard

Jeff Martin

Mikki Martin


Pedro Martínez

Starship Enterprise



0:00 – 2:50 – Robbie intro’s the show and asks Eric to introduce himself

2:51-5:47 – Robbie asks Eric why did he change the name of his business to Cressey Sports Performance (CSP)?

5:48 – 11:15 – Robbie asks Eric what has it been like to open up a second facility?

11:16 – 20:01 – Robbie asks Eric for his thoughts on long-term athlete development (LTAD)

20:02 – 29:39 – Robbie asks Eric how he deals with overbearing parents?

29:40 – 38:01 – Robbie asks Eric about the importance of being role models to his children?

38:02 – 48:02 – Robbie asks Eric about the increasing trend of movement dysfunction among the athletes that he and his staff have seen over the years at CSP

48:03 – 56:12 – Robbie asks Eric what the assessment and training of youth athletes at CSP look like?

56:13 – 1:02:50 – Robbie asks Eric, if he was put in charge of LTAD for the entire USA, what would he do?

1:02:51 – 1:03:55 – Robbie asks Eric what are the biggest lessons he has learned in his life and career so far?

1:03:56 – 1:06:07 – Robbie asks Eric how he learns?

1:06:08 – 1:07:58 – Robbie asks Eric for his top and current book recommendation

1:07:59 – 1:09:20 – Robbie asks Eric, if he only had 1 year left on planet earth, how would he spend that year and why?

1:09:21 – 1:10:46 – Robbie asks Eric, if he could invite 5 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would he invite and why?

1:10:12 – 1:10:15 – Robbie wraps up the show!