EP. 55

Iron and Mortar Summit


Brenden and Ashley Loyer are a husband and wife team that are both co-founders of the Iron + Mortar Summit, as well as owners of the Iron + Mortar, the gym. In 2017, they had a dream to open a gym, but they had a thirst for business education from diverse perspectives, however, it just was not out there, and it was out of this frustration that the Iron + Mortar summit was born. Soon after, in December of 2017, taking all the principles and guidelines from their business education event, Iron + Mortar, the gym, was created.

The Summit is now going on its third year in late June of this year with its most impressive lineup to date and an exciting new city to host, and the gym has enjoyed a successful first year of business in Yakima, Washington.


Show Notes:

Websites and Social Media Links:

Website – theironandmortarsummit.com

Facebook – Iron + Mortar Summit

Instagram – theironandmortarsummit

Books Mentioned:

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Take Hold and Others Come Unstuck

Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning

People and Resources mentioned:


James Fitzgerald

Jason Khalipa

Jarett “JP” Perelmutter

Julian Alcaraz

Miranda Alcaraz

Chris Spealler

Jay Williams

Mike Boyle

Layci Nelson



0:00 –  5:54 – Robbie intro’s the show and asks Jim how has his been since they last spoke and asks Ashley and Brenden to introduce themselves and speak about their upcoming Iron & Mortar Summit in Portland Oregon on June 24th and 25th

5:55 – 10:43 – Robbie asks Ashley to outline the structure of the summit

10:44 – 12:57 – Robbie asks Ashley and Brendan about what topics the keynote speakers will be presenting on

12:58 – 14:11 – Robbie asks Ashley and Brendan if there will be a post-event platform set up for the attendees to stay connected with one another and if the event will be filmed and made available for those who cannot attend?

14:12 – 17:33 – Robbie asks Ashley and Brendan about the summit location and venue

17:34 – 19:38 – Robbie asks Jim what were the main questions he was having to address when he presented at Iron & Mortar in 2017 and 2018

19:39 – 26:39 – Robbie asks Ashley and Brendan what was the main theme they felt among the attendees from the Iron & Mortar summits in 2017 and 2018, and also what they have learned from these first two events that has helped them improve their 2019 summit preparation?

26:40 – 28:58 – Robbie asks Jim what core message he will present on at Iron & Mortar

28:59 – 32:09 – Robbie asks Ashley and Brendan why host the event in Portland, and why they decided to change the event location this year?

32:10 –  35:29 – Robbie asks the Ashley and Brendan to give out all the full details for this year’s Iron & Mortar summit

35:30 – 35:49 – Robbie wraps up the show!