EP. 067

Keegan Martin & Kevin Don on Programming: Strength Course

Bio – Kevin Don:

Kevin Don is a world class strength and conditioning coach who specializes in helping CrossFitters; from complete beginners to Games athletes maximise their athletic potential via Strength Bias.

Beginning with rigorous coaches development under the tutelage of Pat Barber & Jason Khalipa at the renowned NorCal CrossFit, he progressed to running his own affiliate in Hong Kong (ranked as one of the Top 10 boxes globally). Not satisfied with what he perceived as lack of in depth coaching knowledge within the sport, he sought out training with industry experts such as Ed Coan, Derek Poundstone & Mark Bell within Strength to Dan Bailey & Kenneth Leverich within CrossFit. Now he brings all of his accumulated knowledge to his “Strength is Never a Weakness” seminars, which have been held in over 220 CrossFit facilities across the globe.

Bio – Keegan Martin

Director of Product Development & Education of The Brand X Method

Delivered over 250 live seminars

USA Powerlifting California state record holder

Former National record holder in the back squat

Current 1 RM lift stats (lbs) –

Squat 630 | Bench 405 | Deadlift 640

Coached dozens of kids to competitive powerlifting, state, and national records

Show Notes:

Website: Programming Strength – Course

Website: strengthbiastraining.com

Facebook: Kevin Don

Facebook: Keegan Martin

Instagram: kevinnndon

Instagram: tbxm_keegan_martin

People and Resources mentioned:

Programming Strength – Course

CCP Level 1

James Fitzgerald 

Mark Rippetoe

Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning

Mike Boyle

Tom Purvis

Resistance Training Specialist

Ben Pakulski

Starting Strength

Wolfs Law

Louie Simmons

Dan Cleather 



0:00 – 1:42 – Robbie intro’s the show and asks the guys to introduce themselves

1:43 – 8:10 – Robbie asks the guys why they decided to develop the Programming Strength course?

8:01 – 10:46 – Robbie asks the guys what people can expect within this course?

10:47 – 15:39 – Robbie asks the guys why motor control training would be a priority for a beginner and a grand master athlete?

15:40 – 16:48 – Robbie asks the guys what exercises are covered within the course?

16:49 – 22:45 – Robbie asks the guys about the live Programming Strength courses that they will be running in the future?

22:46 – 26:15 – Robbie asks the guys about common misconceptions around the big lifts

26:16 – 27:19 – Robbie asks the guys if they have come across the work of Tom Purvis from Resistance Training Specialist?

27:20 – 29:24 – Robbie asks the guys where people can find out more information about Programming Strength and about them also?