EP. 56

Melissa from OPEX Kura


Melissa is a reminder. A reminder to take care of yourself first. A reminder to have a conversation with your true self and invite them to be seen. She is constant reminder of steadfast, unapologetic, transparent leadership. In her presence we are reminded that doing what you love is the standard while doing something that matters to the world is the dream. But, the thing is, you’ve got to be awake to live that dream – she wakes people up.


Show Notes:

Websites and Social Media Links:

Website – opexkura.com

Facebook – OPEX KURA

Instagram – opexfitnesskura

Books Mentioned:

The Four Agreements


Homo Deus

21 Lessons for the 21st Century

The Alchemist

Being Mortal

The Female Brain

Melissa’s Book Recommendation(s):


Being Mortal

Sex Lies and Menopause

The Way of the Superior Man

Work and Play

People and Resources mentioned:

CCP Level 1


Carl Hardwick

Poliquin Group

Michael Bann

Big Dawgs

Gray Cook

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

Craig Liebenson

Jim Crowell


Brene Brown

James Fitzgerald

Starship Enterprise

Sean McCullagh

Mark Zuckerberg



0:00 – 2:22 – Robbie intro’s the show and asks Melissa to introduce herself

2:23 – 4:17 – Robbie asks Melissa who have been his biggest influences on her both personally and professionally?

4:18 – 6:06 – Robbie asks Melissa about her motivations for opening her own facility

6:07 – 8:22 – Robbie asks Melissa about work-life balance

8:23 – 11:26 – Robbie asks Melissa about her hiring process to ensure she gets coaches that align within the culture at OPEX Kura

11:27 – 14:28 – Robbie asks Melissa about continuing education for herself and her staff

14:29 – 16:53 – Robbie asks Melissa what a new member to OPEX Kura can expect?

16:52 – 18:26 – Robbie asks Melissa about pairing clients with certain coaches at OPEX Kura

18:27 – 22:21 – Robbie asks Melissa to expand on her bio and her determination to empower future generations of female

22:22 – 26:17 – Robbie asks Melissa about how the consultation module within CCP level 1 helped her when consulting with clients

26:18 – 28:20 – Robbie asks Melissa for the biggest lessons she has learned as a business owner?

28:21 – 29:54 Robbie asks Melissa what advice she give to someone looking to opening their own facility

29:55 – 32:31 – Robbie asks Melissa would she prefer to hire someone with high competency or great people skills?

32:32 – 35:34 – Robbie asks Melissa how does she learn?

35:35 – 39:43 – Robbie asks Melissa what a day in her life is like?

39:44 – 42:07 – Robbie asks Melissa about weaknesses she has worked on as a person and business owner

40:08 – 50:20 – Robbie asks Melissa what she learned from a serious Achilles tendon injury?

50:21 – 52:51 – Robbie asks Melissa about her role as a mentor on OPEX’s business accelerator program

52:52 – 57:25 – Robbie asks Melissa for her top and current book recommendations

57:26 – 58:47 – Robbie asks Melissa, if she only had 1 year left on planet earth, how would she spend that year and why?

58:48 – 1:03:21 – Robbie asks Melissa, if she could invite 5 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would she invite and why?

1:03:22 – 1:04:59 – Robbie asks Melissa about the name Kura?

1:05:00 – 1:05:17 – Robbie wraps up the show!