EP. 038

Navigating the New Competitive Structure with Mike Lee


Mike graduated with a degree from California State University at Chico, where he earned his Bachelors of Science in Construction Management.  After over 5 years of success as an engineer and Project Manager for Rudolph and Sletten, Inc, a few Life Coaching calls with James, founder of OPEX (Formerly OPT), highlighted his true values. Then his vision became clear.  It was helping others fulfill their lives through fitness.

He found his true passion in health and fitness becoming an OPEX certified coach.  In 2013, he transitioned from his engineering role and started coaching athletes all over the world with various levels of fitness. Most notably, co-coaching Valerie Voboril who won third place winner at the 2013 CrossFit Games.

Here’s what Val has to say of working with Mike,

“He is an amazing coach because of his dedication and investment in his athletes as a whole; not just the techniques, conditioning, and programming, but the caring, knowledge, compassion, and thoughtfulness he brings to every single one of my workout/training sessions and competitions. I have been truly blessed to have him in my life.”

Growing up a water polo player and swimmer, fitness has always been an enormous part of Mike’s life. With his engineering background, he utilizes a scientific approach to fitness for proven results. He enjoys being a guinea pig, testing performance variables, pushing health to new extremes and coming up with innovative ways to sustain performance, wellness and longevity with any individual.

Mike believes in continuing education and constant learning. He has completed all 5 modules of OPEX CCP Level 1. He spent years training under USAW certification Coach Sean Waxman. Current aspirations in 2013 have him becoming an OPEX Level 2 Coach, Catalyst Athletics certified Weightlifting Coach, obtaining the American Council of Exercise – Functional, Nutrition and Sport Specialist certification and completing his USAW coaching certification.


Show Notes:

Websites and Social Media Links:

Website – OPEXfit.com

Facebook – OPEX Fitness

Twitter – @OPEX Fitness

Instagram – opexfitness

YouTube – OPEX Fitness

Books Mentioned:
Mike’s Book Recommendations

Being Mortal

Waking Up

12 Lessons for Life


Books Mentioned by Robbie


People and Resources mentioned:

Collen Fotsch

Tennil Reed-Beuerlein

Amanda Goodman

Functional Bodybuilding

Laura Horvath

Noah Ohlsen

Patrick Vellner

Dave Castro

Tia Claire Toomey

Sara Sigmundsdóttir

Alan Watts

Sam Harris

Jordan Peterson

Terence McKenna



0:00 – 2:45 – Robbie asks Mike what’s new and how does he feel about fatherhood?

2:46 – 10:12 – Robbie asks Mike about his thoughts on 2018 Crossfit games season

10:13 – 14:57 – Robbie asks Mike – what event from the Regionals did he find the hardest to prepare for?

14:58 – 17:00 – Robbie asks Mike about the Crossfit games

17:01 – 18:20 – Robbie asks Mike what he thought of the events at the games?

18:21 – 20:56 – Robbie asks Mike to share with us some of the conversations he had with Tennil throughout the games at Madison

20:58 – 25:08 – Robbie asks Mike what was the strategy that he and Tennil went with for Crit and the 30 muscle-ups for time

25:09 – 28:30 – Robbie asks Mike what his favourite event from the games was?

28:31 – 34:12 – Robbie asks Mike who surprised him with their games performance?

34:13 – 35:42 – Robbie asks Mike for his top moment from the games?

35:43 – 39:48 – Robbie asks Mike for his thoughts on the new Crossfit games season structure?

39:49 – 41:52: Robbie asks Mike what he is currently reading?

41:53 – 42:00 – Robbie wraps up the show!