EP. 063

Ryan Banta T&F Coach & Author The Sprinters Compendium


Ryan Banta is a successful high school coach. His athletes have achieved 120 school records, 5 top-five finishes at the state championships, 6 district championships, 6 district runner-up finishes, 5 conference team titles, 206 state semi-finalist (sectionals), 145 state qualifiers, 2 state records (3200 and 4×800), 17 national ranked events, 74 all-state performances, 10 state champions, 15 runner-up performances, and 2 Gatorade athletes of the year all done in a single gender. Ryan is a USATF level II coach in the sprints, hurdles, relays, and endurance and USTFCCCA technical certification. Selected as an emerging elite coach by USATF in 2012 and presented at Altis in 2018. He is a frequent contributor to speedendurance.com, just-fly-sports.com, and elitetrack.com. Coach Banta is the author of the Sprinter’s Compendium (www.sprinterscompendium.com) the most comprehensive book ever written on the topic of speed. He coaches at Parkway Central in Missouri.

Show Notes:

Website: sprinterscompendium.com

Facebook: Ryan Banta

Twitter: @SprintersCompen

Instagram: ryan.banta


Books Mentioned:

Daniels Running Formula

The Sprinters Compendium

Team of Rivals

Ryan’s Book Recommendation(s):


The Culture Code

Peak Performance

Podcast Mentioned:

OPEX Podcast: #057 – Adam Feit from Precision Nutrition

ATSW: Episode 183: Ryan Banta – Lessons Learned from Track and Field Legends

Video’s/ Documentaries Mentioned:

Ken Burns – The Roosevelts

Usain Bolt celebrates Early 


People and Resources mentioned:

Kanas City Chiefs

Stan Kroenke

Los Angeles Rams

St. Louis Cardinals

Derek Hansen

Khalen Sanders

Christian Okoye (aka – The Nigerian Nightmare)

New England Patriots

Carl Valle

Elite Track

John Wooden

Dan Pfaff

Tony Holler

Gary Winckler

Brooks Johnson

Tony Wells

Clyde Hart

Canadian Athletes Coaching Centre – no longer a website



Stu McMillan

Vern Gambetta

The Wooden Project

Kebba Tolbert

Tony Veney

Vince Anderson

Maurice Green

John Smith

Tim Ferriss

Zach Even Esh

Travis Mash

Chris Korfish

Mike Boyle

Adam Feit 

Dr. Anatoliy Bondarchuk

Mike Hurst

Michael Johnson

Charlie Francis

Andreas Behm

University of Missouri

Dr. Rick McGuire

Teddy Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt



Abraham Lincoln

Usain Bolt

Martin Luther King Jr

Herbert Hoover

Donald Trump 

William McKinley

Ben Johnson

Carl Lewis

Matthew Boling

John F. Kennedy

Bobby Kennedy

Lyndon B. Johnson

Richard Nixon

Jimmy Carter

John Travolta

Saturday Night Fever


0:00 – 4;12 – Robbie intro’s the show and asks Ryan to introduce himself

4:13 – 10:01 – Robbie asks Ryan why he wrote his book The Sprinters Compendium?

10:02 – 14:11 – Robbie asks Ryan about the importance of mentors

14:12 – 20:23 – Robbie asks Ryan why most answers begin with “it depends”?

20:24 – 21:43 – Robbie asks Ryan if Gary Winkler is still coaching?

21:44 – 36:44 – Robbie asks Ryan about the process of approaching coaches to contribute to his book

36:45 – 49:37 – Robbie asks Ryan to outline the 5 training systems he covers in his book – 1) The minimalist approach; 2)  the adapt or die approach ; 3) the concurrent approach; 4) the long-short approach; 5) the flow approach

49:38 – 59:22 – Adapt of die approach

59:23 – 1:06:50 – Concurrent approach

1:06:51 – 1:12:13 – Long to short approach

1:12:14 – 1:17:56 – The flow approach

1:17:57 – 1:22:11 – Robbie asks Ryan what was the biggest thing he learned from writing his book

1:22:12 – 1:25:39 – Robbie asks Ryan for his top and current book recommendations

1:25:40 – 1:43:52 – Robbie asks Ryan, if he could invite 5 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would he invite and why?

1:43:53 – 1:45:16 – Robbie wraps up the show!