EP. 091

Stan Efferding – 091


Stan Efferding is an IFBB Professional bodybuilder and World Record Holding Powerlifter. He is one of only 10 men in the world to ever total over 2,300 pounds raw in competition. Stan holds the title as the Worlds Strongest Bodybuilder.

Stan studied Exercise Science at the University of Oregon and has been training high school, Collegiate, and Professional athletes for over 25 years. Stan conducts seminars all over the country for various sports and nutrition and training techniques. He has appeared in many magazines and writes for Muscular Development, Flex Magazine and Power Magazine.Stan is also a successful Entrepreneur having built three different start-up businesses into multi-million-dollar companies.

Show Notes:

Websites and Social Media Links

Website – stanefferding.com

Facebook – Stan Rhino Efferding

Twitter – @StanEfferding

Instagram – stanefferding

YouTube – stanefferding

Books Mentioned:

Vertical Diet 3.0

Stress for Success

Thinking Fast and Slow

Why Isn’t my Brain Working?

Discipline equals freedom


Podcast Mentioned:


Video’s Mentioned: 

RHINO’s RHANT #23 – “If you want to be healthy, don’t compete”

Twice as Effective as Metformin!

People and Resources mentioned:

Jocko Willlink

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

Brian Shaw

Flex Wheeler

Mark Bell

Nick Best

Larry Wheels

Eric Trexler

MASS Subscription 

Nadia Wyatt

Charles Poliquin

Mike Israetel

Ed Coan

Mariusz Pudzianowski

Robert Oberst

Mikhail Koklyaev

Lane Johnson

Mark Rippetoe

Jordan Feigenbaum

Austin Baraki


Alan Aragon

Greg Nuckols

Becca Voigt-Miller

Ben Smith

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Dan Green

Jose Antonio

Datis  Kharrazian



0:00 – 3:42 – Robbie intro’s the show and asks Stan introduce himself

3:43 – 6:02 – Robbie asks Stan what attracted him to strength and bodybuilding training?

6:03 – 18:18 – Robbie asks Stan about the principles that guide his training and life

18:19 – 25:18 – Robbie and Stan discuss minimum effective dose, sustainability, and remaining physically active throughout the day outside of the gym

25:19 – 42:59 – Robbie asks Stan about the genesis of the Vertical Diet

43:00 – 47:25 – Robbie asks Stan about Hafþór’s reaction to having to drop bodyweight when he started the vertical diet?

47:26 – 58:42 – Robbie asks Stan about Brian Shaw’s success on the vertical diet

58:43 – 1:06:18 – Robbie and Stan talk about eating strategies for different goals

1:06:19 – 1:07:56 – Robbie asks Stan how he manages eating out?

1:07:57 – 1:13:27 – Robbie and Stan discuss the impact of gut health on brain health and performance

1:13:28 – 1:17:01 Robbie asks Stan where people can find out more about him and his work

1:17:02 – 1:19:03 – Robbie wraps up the show!