EP. 033

The Impacts of Neuro-Typing on Individual Design with Christian Thibaudeau

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Website – Thibarmy.com

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Twitter – @Coach_CThib

Instagram – thibarmy

Books mentioned:

Black Book of Training Methods

The Theory and Application or Modern Strength and Power Trends

High Threshold Muscle Building

Encyclopaedia of Weightlifting

Fortitude Training

Poliquin Principles

Podcasts Mentioned

All Things Strength and Wellness – Episode 62 – Christian Thibaudeau

All Things Strength and Wellness – Episode 127 – Christian Thibaudeau – Strength Development and Neurological Profiling

Neuro-Typing and the Future of Individualizing Athletic Performance: Just Fly Performance Podcast Episode 77: Christian Thibaudeau

Optimal Peaking, Competing and Coaching Through Neuro-Typing: Just Fly Performance Podcast #99 Christian Thibaudeau


Resources and People mentioned:


Charles Poliquin

Mike Boyle

Charles Staley

Ben Bruno

Ben Johnson

Kim Collins

Paul Carter

Ivan Abadjiev

Antonio Krastev

Arthur Drechsler

Westside Barbell

Louie Simmons

Jim Wendler

John Meadows

Scott Stevenson

Dorin Yeats

Poliquin Biosignature

Ronald Reagan

Mikhail Gorbachev

Donald Trump

Vladimir Putin


0:00 – 10:39 – Robbie Intro’s the show and asks Christian to introduce himself and give us his background

10:40 – 39:54 – Robbie asks Christian to outline his neurotyping System

39:55 – 1:03:09 – Robbie asks Christian to outline the differences in training prescriptions for each of the 5 neurotypes (Type 1A/1B; Type 2A/B; and Type 3)

1:03:10 – 1:07:50 – Robbie asks Christian about the general guidelines for prescribing training volumes and intensities to each of the neurotypes

1:07:51 – 1:28:30 -Robbie asks Christian to discuss the differences in training frequency and exercise selection for each of the neurotypes

1:28:31 – 1:39:17 – Robbie ask Christian about some of the most common criticisms that he gets with his neurotyping

1:39:18 – 1:42:00 – Robbie asks Christian for his top and current book recommendations

1:42:00 – 1:44:10 – Robbie asks Christian – if he could invite 5 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would he invite and why?

1:44:11– 1:46:35 – Robbie wraps up the show!