Principles Of Program Design

OPEX Programming: Principles

An Introduction to Individual Design

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Do you understand the fundamentals of program design? All professional coaches should build their competence on a foundation of proven program design principles.

OPEX Programming Principles Course

Programming: Principles is an introductory program design course on fundamental strength and conditioning principles. This coaching and personal training course simplifies these concepts by focusing on the rationale behind each programming element and their proper application, all to provide a better understanding of program design principles. This course will provide you with a solid foundation and is a recommended prerequisite to the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP).

Learn How to Design Progressive Programs with 6 Client Avatars

OPEX Coach, Carl Hardwick, puts the principles outlined in this coaching and personal training program design course into practice with six different client avatars and demonstrates how to design personalized progressive programs. These avatars will bridge the gap between theory and implementation and give you the tools to put your knowledge into practice with your clients immediately.


OPEX Programming Principles Workbook

About the Instructor

Carl Hardwick Program Design Workshops

Carl Hardwick


OPEX COO Carl Hardwick has dedicated his life to health and fitness. Sold by the OPEX individual program design approach, Hardwick owns multiple OPEX-licensed gyms and helps write and design educational material. He’s an integral part of the growing movement in personalized fitness that is using the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) to change the face of professional coaching.

Course Syllabus

Exercise Principles
Program Design Principles
OPEX Programming Principles Course


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OPEX Programming: Principles

An Introduction to Individual Design

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