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The Big dawgs are back

OPEX Fitness is excited to announce the launch of Big Dawgs, an evolution of our remote coaching services. The Big Dawgs mission is to provide Individual Design and Remote Coaching for competitive fitness athletes. With an increase in client demand and a clear focus on athletes, Big Dawgs will officially spin out from OPEX Fitness and grow to the next level.

Remote coaching services will no longer be offered under the OPEX Fitness brand. OPEX will continue educating coaches through our industry leading coaching education platform (CCP) and supporting them with a scalable business model (OPEX Gyms).

If you are a CCP Coach or an OPEX Gym owner, it's business as usual. We will continue to bring you upgraded content and coaching experiences.

If you are currently a Remote Coaching client of OPEX -- Welcome to The Pack. With Big Dawgs, you will keep your same coach, continue to receive your program through Fitbot, and enjoy the same level of support and coaching.

The Big Dawgs system originally emerged as the pioneer "community" training blog where competitive fitness athletes went to hit well thought-out workouts, enjoy each other's company, and learn how to improve their fitness. While its popularity was staggering, we realized athletes would never reach their full potential on a templated program because it couldn't possibly take into account their individual needs in and out of the gym. The Big Dawg Blog evolved into outstanding coaches delivering the strongest 1:1 remote coaching system for athletes in the industry. Big Dawgs is the perfect name to represent these outstanding coaches and athletes, and we're excited to watch them grow.

If you are interested in remote coaching please visit from more information.

If you are a coach looking to professionalize your passion, OPEX Fitness is your go-to resource for coaching education. We are here to help you realize your full potential through OPEX CCP or take the next step in your coaching career, by opening an OPEX GYM.

A deeper look at the history of Big Dawgs

OPEX was born from OPT (Optimum Performance Training) in 2014, and OPT was born from James Fitzgerald all of the way back in 1999. In that time, there have been substantial changes in the fitness industry. One of the biggest changes has been the compounding growth of fitness athletes around the world. In what now seems like it was overnight, adults, children, and masters athletes emerged in the fitness arena, and they are demanding they reach their unique maximum physical potential in fitness.

OPEX prides itself on helping coaches become sought after professionals in the fitness industry. Whether those coaches work with fitness enthusiasts, competitive athletes, or a combination of both, it's been our mission to support that journey to mastery. A beautiful part in the journey of a coach is when they earn the ability to transcend the system they were coaching in. It's time for the outstanding HQ coaches of OPEX to transcend OPEX and take their next steps in fitness world.

Moving forward, the (now former) OPEX HQ Coaches Coaches will reinvigorate the Big Dawgs Remote Coaching "Pack!"

As everything does, the fitness industry continued to evolve, and so did OPEX. We put tremendous effort into building a system to educate thousands of coaches, open numerous OPEX Gyms, and remotely coach some of the finest fitness athletes in the world. We were very happy with the quality and success of each of the client pathways we'd constructed. Unfortunately, we recognized that we were not serving any of our clients as effectively as we would like because we weren't clearly "telling people" what we did or who we worked with. It was time to go back to our roots.

Something that means an awful lot to our team is what Big Dawgs represented to the fitness community. It represented truth/principle-based fitness. It represented an unmatched coach/client relationship. It represented an all-encompassing and holistic coaching experience. And, it represented a pack of like-minded people who are reaching for their maximum physical potential in fitness. It was clear; the Big Dawgs needed to re-emerge. Our coaches earned the respect of the market, and they are ready to take remote coaching to a brand new level.

Bred For Victory - Big Dawgs Coaching

How does it work

Your coach designs the experience to best suit YOU!

Consultations Face To Face

Each month you’ll jump on a Zoom video call with your coach so that you can discuss the big picture of your training, how your lifestyle is contributing to your success, how your nutrition is supplementing your progress, and where you’re heading next. That consultation will help you stay connected to your big picture goals so that your training remains on point each day.

Ongoing Assessments

Your coach will consistently re-assess where you are in your fitness journey. We have hundreds of proven benchmark tests that we will be able to gauge your progress with. In addition, we will also continue to look at your movement, your recovery, and your readiness to train on a daily basis to ensure that you are moving in the right direction at all times.

Customized Daily Program Design

You will never receive a templated program. You will always have a program that meets you where you are and progresses you forward each step of the way. With a program that ebbs and flows like you do, you will face fewer plateaus and pitfalls, and you’ll progress longer and faster than you would otherwise.

Nutrition Guidance

Don’t fall for the “macro trap.” Nutrition needs to be designed for you specifically. Your coach will work with you to start you properly, and then progress your nutrition just like they would your training program. As your nutrition continues to zone in, you will find those additional percentage points of progress that have eluded you in the past.

Daily Connection Through Fitbot

You’ll receive your program daily through a state of the art platform that connects right to your phone. There you’ll see your program, a video library of movements, and your library of benchmarks and assessments. You’ll post your results and comments for your coach to see and comment on, send your coach videos of your training so they can dissect movement and pacing, and receive feedback from your coach so that you constantly improve all areas of your fitness. Fitbot keeps your training organized and at your fingertips at all times during your fitness journey.