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What Are You Selling As a Coach

Anyone who gets into coaching is usually excited about changing lives through health and fitness. But after years in the...

How to Change Your Coaching Schedule

How to Retain Fitness Clients For life

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How to Become a Better Fitness Coach

What is the key to becoming a better fitness coach? Is it a new training certification, a course in life coaching, or a...

Why You Don’t Want Dependent Clients

Why Consistency is More Important Than Progress

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7 Day Free Course
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How the Best Strength Coaches Assess Their Clients

The first-ever Programming: Strength workshop at OPEX Fitness taught coaches of all levels how to assess, coach,...

The Pros and Cons of Movement Screens

How to Test a Client’s Fitness with The Concept2 Rower

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Program Design

How to Pair Exercises in a Workout

The word superset gets tossed around a lot. But what are supersets? A superset is just a fancy name for the pairing of...

How to Write Better Exercise Programs Pt. 1

The Disadvantages and Unspoken Benefits of HIIT

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The Best Alternative to a Cleanse Diet

It’s human nature to want to see quick results. It’s the reason we’re drawn to things like 30-day diets and...

Personalized Nutrition: The Best Meal Plan

How to Work With Clients With Bad Eating Habits

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The October Newsletter

Catch up on the latest from OPEX Fitness with this October newsletter in which we discuss a new program design strategy,...

4 Reasons Why These Coaches Took CCP

Marcus Filly’s Diet – Over The Years

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Success Stories

Carla Lind-Valdan: Transforming Her Coaching

“I want to learn from this guy.” That is how Carla Lind-Valdan felt when she listened to OPEX founder James...

Scott Brewer: Jumping ship for OPEX

Mischa Jemionek: The Tipping Point

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The Benefits of the Landmine Press

In this week’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) sneak peek OPEX Fitness Founder, James FitzGerald, shares the...

A Guide to Exercise Selection

Knowing what exercises to select for your client can be confusing. There are many factors to...

How Much Should You Charge for Coaching?

The health and fitness market is saturated, it’s no secret. How much you should charge for...

How to Workout While Fasting

While fasting by itself has a whole host of benefits there are times where working out while fasting...