3 Tips to build confidence before the open

3 Tips to Strengthen Confidence Before the CrossFit Open

Guidance from OPEX Coach Robin Lyons

As an athlete, you are putting A LOT of time and energy into improving your physical performance.  But how much time are you putting into preparing your mind to allow yourself to perform at your best? How much do you REALLY believe in your ability to perform when it counts?

First let me say, developing confidence in your ability to be your best at the things that are important to you is a worthy and realistic goal. Unfortunately, mindset goals are often dismissed in the “race” to physically outperform the competition. Athletes are unconscious in their pursuit in optimal athletic performance.

They are unaware of what to focus on to set their mind in a flow state or how to refocus their thoughts and energy to a positive state when self-doubt roles in.  The better you get at your sport the more your mindset plays a role into your overall performance.  Knowing who you are and what you need mentally, under pressure, frees the body mind and spirit for you to perform at YOUR best!

So, the question remains, what can you do and how can your focus to perform your best?

One of the most important points I emphasize with my athletes is developing an intuitive understanding of what works for them.

As a coach, I can’t tell them how to communicate with themselves to develop confidence, THEY need to know what type of thoughts, words and rituals grounds them BEST before competition.  What I tell my athletes is they may lose their focus BUT that does not mean that they suddenly lose their capacity to perform well. It lives within them…they have already proven that in training and other competitive experiences. If they were truly incapable they would have not have been able to even attempt this.

How do you build athletic confidence?

Acquiring confidence is sometimes a mind game in itself.  For some athletes who have the CAPACITY to be their best but are still NOT believing in their abilities, remember it takes practice and experience in competitive settings and using a focus that works for them.

Some suggestions I provide to my athletes in competitive settings:

  • Remind yourself that you have accomplished many things is less than ideal conditions before, you are capable of performing well on any given day.
  • Find ANY advantage you may have; your focus, your experience, your commitment, your capacity to achieve goals, use it all in this moment!
  • If you REALLY want to do something, focus on why you CAN do it and HOW you will do it — then do it with conviction! Why argue that you can’t do something when you can argue your strengths and ability to DO it?

Remember you can strengthen your confidence when you focus on learning and growing from each of your experiences.  Strengthen your journey by embracing improvement, feeling good about your progress and drawing lessons from the best and less-than-best outcomes.

You’re not asking yourself to do anything that is unreasonable, only to live and perform in the way you are capable of living and performing!

About The Coach

Robin Lyons has been with OPEX since the early days. She began as an athlete working under James FitzGerald when competing in the Sport of CrossFit from 2008 through 2013. Robin was then recruited to be a Head Coach for OPEX in 2014 and has never looked back.

As an OPEX Fitness Head Coach, Robin works with athletes with various backgrounds globally through our Remote coaching services. Additionally, Robin shares her experience and knowledge by also leading OPEX athlete camps around the world.

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