5 Program Design Mistakes Coaches Make

5 Program Design Mistakes Coaches Make | Webinar Recap

This week we held a free live webinar covering the 5 program design mistakes coaches make. The webinar provided valuable coaching information for both new and expert coaches alike. In this blog, we will recap the webinar and a common program design mistake pulled directly from the webinar that you can use to enhance your coaching immediately

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Webinar Recap

In the 5 Program Design Mistakes Coaches Make Webinar, coaches received coaching education from OPEX Fitness founder, James FitzGerald, and OPEX Coaches Carl Hardwick and Georgia Smith. Coaches not only received program design advice but also got the opportunity to ask James FitzGerald their coaching questions.

A Common Program Design Mistake You Can Avoid

A common program design mistake we see coaches make is not being competent. To design an effective training program, there is a level of competency you must possess in the following skills.

Learn the four other common program design mistake with this free download.

You must be competent in:

  • Consulting your clients.
  • Understanding your knowledge and ability.
  • Assessing your clients and understanding what that assessment is telling you.
  • Planning, prioritizing and periodizing your programs.
  • Principles of strength and energy system training for proper progressions.
  • Reassessing and adjusting the plan when applicable.

While lacking competency is a common mistake that we see, it is an easy one for coaches to correct through learning basic coaching principles. In order to support your further education as a coach, we have created a system based on our core principles for coaches to follow, The OPEX System of Coaching. Get an introduction to that same system and improve your competency today by signing up for The Free Coach’s Toolkit.

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