The Importance of Mentorship

When one thinks of a “coach”, they usually think of someone who screams generic motivational phrases on the sidelines. Unfortunately, many coaches in the fitness industry use this neglectful approach to training their athletes. These “professionals” meet all the basic skills of coaching except one: mentorship.

But how important is mentorship?

There is some scientific evidence to suggest that an important determinant of sport outcomes lies in the relationship between coach and athlete. According to recent study by Armour and Duncombe using young, disengaged school athletes; results revealed some evidence to suggest its positive impact on factors such as self-esteem and attendance at school.

The mentorship process an athlete and coach undergo is important. Many of it’s benefits include:

  • Increases the amount of fun that athletes experience
  • Promotes higher mastery-oriented achievement goals in sports
  • Increases athletes’ self-esteem
  • Reduces performance-destroying anxiety and fear of failure

Interested to gain more perspectives about what a great coach and mentor provides, we asked some of our recent CrossFit regionals competitors about their relationship with their coaches…

“Before OPEX, I was a good Athlete. Mike made me the best athlete I could possibly be. I trust him. I trust him to give me what I need and push me to be the best person I can be.” – Tennil Reed

1st at South Regionals/ 2nd time Qualifying for the games

“My coach is my best friend. That’s what makes it so special. He’s my dude.” – Tommy Vinas

5th at South Regionals/ 1st time Qualifying for the Games

“Having a coach that KNOWS you is vital. My coach knows me, my work schedule, the stress involved with being an ICU nurse, as well as my strengths and weakness as an athlete. I couldn’t have gotten this far without him.” Laura Dickerson

1st Time Competitor at South Regionals

While each of these relationships are unique, they all enjoy a quality relationship rather than a business transaction. Clearly, a strong and symbiotic relationship between the athlete and the coach is vital to achieving measurable competitive results and reaching a sense of fulfillment.

OPEX coaches bring so much more to their role than results on a scoreboard and individual programming. Prepare for your biggest moments under the guidance of an OPEX Coach today.