Beyond the Barbell with James FitzGerald

Episode 190 of The Beyond the Barbell Podcast: James FitzGerald

James FitzGerald, the founder of OPEX Fitness and inaugural Crossfit Games winner, joined host Ben Alderman the Beyond the Barbell podcast to discuss the current state of the competitive functional fitness, professionalism in fitness coaching, and what it means to have an impact on the fitness industry. You can listen to the full episode here.

The Past, Present, Future of The Sport

After the recent changes to CrossFit James weighed in with his opinions about the history of the sport and how it is currently progressing. “Originally we would test ourselves and share our scores. People didn’t believe my scores so I started filming my workouts to prove them” said James.

James’ believes the sport has let its loyal fans down. “The tens of thousands of junkies who were training for or competing at regionals that brought clients into the gym now don’t have their outlet”. To truly get the sport back to what it was he believes that we’ve got to turn the cameras off and put people back into their garages where they can only compare themselves to the leaderboard.

What’s Next

Following his opinion on the sport, James talks about how he is contributing to the fitness world and hopes to make an impact on the generations to come. This is why James founded OPEX Fitness, his way of giving back to the industry, helping coaches find career longevity, through OPEX  coaching education and gym licensing programs. Both programs rooted in principles James believes in and embodies every day. What are those principles? He calls them the OPEX Basic Lifestyle Guidelines (BLGs) and these are his lifestyle ideals for both coach and client. “While these might seem simple to some, I argue that if you reverse engineer your client’s goals they don’t need a $1000 dollar education from a Ph.D. they need to build autonomy in the daily behaviors that will lead them to live long and prosper”. OPEX Coaches and OPEX Gyms are in the business of coaching clients to and through autonomy in fitness and lifestyle.

(Coach’s Resource: Learn the BLGs and how you can program them for your clients in this free course.)

How He Is Making a Difference

With knowledge and tools like the BLGs, James wants coaches to learn the basics before they dive down rabbit holes in search of some overly complex solution. His coaching education while all-encompassing (ranging from best business practices to personalized program design) is the fundamental education he believes coaches need as it focuses on mastering the basics. James believes in these core coaching principles so much that he is offering coaches an introductory coaching course for completely free. The Free 7-Day OPEX Coaching Course introduces coaches to James methodology of coaching, The OPEX System of Coaching. Sign up today and begin making an impact on your clients.

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