Josh is a husband, father and runs a family business. He trains in his home gym with goals of becoming better in within the means of balanced fitness and enjoying the experience of mixed training. His olympic lifts are descent but he has not yet touched his potential based on his absolute strength, speed under the bar has been a place we’ve been working on recently. On the other side of the spectrum, we’ve looked to improve his aerobic, working towards the left, we’re now looking at improving upon his 2k row with 500m repeats, learning to stabilize more volume as it comes up. He’s been crushing everything he touches lately.

Josh is coached by OPEX HQ Head Coach Sean McGovern.

A) Scarecrow Clean: build to tough double that forces speed and depth under bar *film/last – beat last


B) clean: x2, 70%; full recovery, x6 *film/last

190×2 x6

C) row repeats: 500m row @ 1:51/500m rest 3min x6

1:51.1 1:50.4 1:50.9 1:51.3 1:50.4 1:50.1

D) Side Plank Row: @2121 x6-8/side; rest 90s, x3 – use band

8 each side x3

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