This is an example of some simple progression with an experienced athlete that has just started with me.  I like to use training and progression to assess skill adaptation as well as seeing if there is break down when weight is added per week. The HPC TnG weight has been increasing per week by 10lb.  This is a decent size jump and creates a challenge.  Not always just for time tests or CF style tests. The DB sotts press above is a great way to see range of motion/mobility as well as stability.  Julie is coming off surgery so this is a great way to get her back into things and allow me to assess a new athlete without doing some of the bigger tougher testers in the beginning.

Julia is coached by OPEX HQ Head Coach Matt Bryant.

5 rounds not for time
10 back ext
30 sec side plank R and L 
10 walk lunges
5 pullups
10 sec locked out top of dip hold 

A) PC build to a moderate double- send some video of tougher effort on makes!


B) EMOM- HPC TnG x 5 #95
6 mins video last set


C) Dumbbell Sotts Push Press
Arms same time:
mom- 6 mins 6-8 reps video first and last set 

26 seconds is first , 22 seconds was last