Coach Credibility Determines Client’s Success

Coach credibility determines client success

Build Credibility by Conducting a Proper Assessment

Credibility – the quality or power of inspiring belief (Webster).

The Importance of a Coach’s Credibility

A coach needs to build credibility to achieve career longevity and success in business and coaching. In order to establish credibility, a coach has to be knowledgeable and viewed as a master of the craft. At its simplest form coaching is a business and the coach is selling knowledge to a customer, the customer, in this case, are clients. It is therefore essential that a coach develops credibility to gain clients and conduct business. To build this credibility a coach needs to gain as much knowledge as possible and master the craft of coaching.

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How is Credibility Established?

A coach gains credibility through mastering the craft. The news of credibility is then spread through client testimonials from conducting business with the coach. To establish credibility with the clients a coach needs to demonstrate excellence and knowledge across all five pillars (business, consultation, assessment, program design, and nutrition). While all five pillars equally contribute to a coach’s knowledge the assessment is the first time the coach can demonstrate this knowledge to the client inside of the gym.

Assessment Builds Credibility

The coach-client relationship begins to develop when the coach conducts a proper assessment. This is the first time a coach gets to demonstrate their acquired knowledge in direct interaction with the client. The assessment is valuable because it gives the client an accurate depiction of where they are along their fitness journey. The assessment will allow the client and coach to work together and establish goals that are realistic and achievable within a reasonable progression. Reasonable goals are essential to maintaining the coach-client relationship. If the client has irrational goals this could lead to friction in the coach-client relationship. The assessment is critical for this reason, it will provide the starting point for the coach and the client. A mutually understood starting point will ensure proper communication about realistic goals and will outline their journey. Progress along a client’s journey will create testimonials and in turn, build the coaches credibility. That is why it is so important for a coach to perfect the assessment, it builds credibility, and develops goals/expectations in the coach-client relationship.

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