Why you need to eat more vegetables.

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Why You Need to Eat More Variety of Vegetables

Though it has become something of a cliche in modern society; you need to be eating lots of vegetables. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts adhere to this commandment by consuming vast quantities of only broccoli with every meal.

While we at OPEX applaud their dedication to eating a vegetable, we wish they would expand their diets to include more varieties of vegetables.

This is why we instruct all of our OPEX Individual Design clients to ingest ten shades of vegetables a day.

Why do we ask this? Coach Michael Bann will briefly explain.

“Ten shades of vegetables a day takes care of your mitochondrial health and the health of your gut, which enables you to recover faster and get more results from your training… The ten shades rule came about because it’s an easy number for someone to wrap their head around it. Just as well, there was some research that came out that showed there was a 60% drop in disease rate if the individual ate 10 shades of vegetables a day. ” – OPEX Fitness Head Coach Michael Bann

It really isn’t a complicated eating habit to get into. When we refer to ten shades, we refer to varieties of vegetables not the color of the vegetable. For example, if you ate kale, spinach, broccoli, green beans, and asparagus in breakfast and lunch you’ve already eaten 6 of the ten shades you need for the day despite all these vegetables sharing the same color.

There are several health benefits that come with eating ten shades of vegetables a day.

Adequate Fiber – Fiber is extremely useful in maintaining a healthy digestive system which enables your body to actually use the nutrients you consume.

Micronutrient Diversity – Vegetables have an unrivalled amount of micronutrition vital to your health and performance that a supplement pill can never hope to match. If you only ate one vegetable, you wouldn’t the optimal amount of micronutrients to fuel your body.

Improved Gut Health – Your gut regulates everything in your body including your hormones, sleep patterns, and circadian rhythm. Better gut health means better libido, sleep and drive. By eating vegetables, we can actually change the microbiome of our gut for the better.

Minor Caloric Consumption – While vegetables aren’t a massive source of caloric energy, the body still can derive some energy from them.

Not only is the ‘ten shades guideline’ easy to understand and apply, it takes a lot of the guesswork, obsession and confusion out of healthy eating.

Not everyone is going to be able to do macros, not everyone is going to be able to do nutrient timing, intermittent fasting. Not everyone should engage in these eating habits. As a coach, I meet people where they are at. Sometimes that means making good nutrition habits as easy to understand and adhere to as possible.

Don’t over complicate your own nutritional habits. Sometimes the path back to health or athletic progression is not about calculating the perfect carb to protein ratio, but rather finding simple guidelines to follow.

Eat your vegetables, but be sure to eat more than just old broccoli!

Nutrition is only effective if applied on an individual basis. Learn more about nutritional strategies that may work for you by speaking with one of our professional coaches today.


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