Develop Skills Faster and Perform Better

Look Backwards to Create Training Progressions

An elite mixed modal athlete

If an athlete is looking to develop a particular skill for competition sheer volume is not the answer, skills must be organized and broken down over time. Former athlete and coach James FitzGerald sat down with Athlete Daily to discuss FitzGerald’s latest course Mixed Modal and how this course gives coaches and athletes alike the tools to develop skills faster and perform better in competition.

Develop Skills Faster

“We use the beacon of the elite athlete and how well they do burpees. People don’t want to go back to the program and break down movements, but that’s the ‘Ah ha’ moment.” – FitzGerald

Quicker skill development is dependent on creating progressions unique to that skill. Over time, these progressions should move from a sustainable setting with little demand to being incorporated into a metabolic effort with other movements. Learn how to create skill progressions and get sample programming in the course Mixed Modal.

Perform Better

Mixed Modal gives the full spectrum of athletes the support they need to perform better in competition. Athletes and coaches will benefit from the lifestyle, nutrition, and organization sections in Mixed Modal. These sections provide the information needed to create skill progressions, set goals, and create phases. Get Mixed Modal today and create your own structure amongst the chaos of functional fitness.

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