Why Individually Designed Gyms are Cheaper to Operate than CrossFit Gyms.

Why Individually Designed Gyms are Cheaper to Operate than CrossFit Gyms.

Your goal as a coach is to give your clients the best results that you can inside and outside of the gym. You can boil it down to specifics, but results are what give you the best platform to build a business that stands the test of time.

Part of the this process leads to a client’s experience within the gym. One of the most annoying things a client faces in a group setting is when there isn’t enough equipment for them to get their workout in properly. The challenge is that more success brings more annoyance unless you continue to buy new equipment.

Think about it, if you have 20 people in a class; the class is doing this workout:

3 rounds for time:

10 Deadlifts at 275#/#185#

15 Wall Ball to 10ft (20#/14#)

If the entire class goes “as prescribed” that means that – assuming a 50/50 split male/female –you need:

  • 4,600# of bumper plates
    • 60 45# plates
    • 40 25# plates
  • 20 barbells
    • 10 male barbells
    • 10 female barbells
    • 20 sets of clips
  • 20 Wall balls
    • 10 20# wall balls
    • 10 14# wall balls
    • 20 wall ball targets
    • 1 rig large enough to put 20 people onto it

Let’s boil that down to cash. Certainly there are some packages that you can buy, but a la carte, according to Rogue.com that costs: (note, I picked the first product on the top left of the website when I went to the category so that I didn’t choose a product in a bias way)

  • Rogue Bumper Plates – $6,105
    • Rogue Hi-Temp bumper (not competitive or colored fancy plates) 45# – $148.50/pair x 30 pairs = $4,455
    • Rogue Hi-Temp bumper 25# plates – $82.50 x 20 pairs = $1,650
  • Barbells – $4,970
    • Male Ohio Bars – $282/bar x 10 bars = $2,820
    • Female Bella Bars – $215/bar x 10 bars = $2,150
  • Wall Balls – $7,490
    • Rogue 20# med balls – $105 x 10 = $1,050
    • Rogue 14# med balls – $90 x 10 = $900
    • 20 wall ball targets – $84.50 x 20 = $1,690
    • 24’ rig with 16 pull up stations – $3850

That workout costs $18,565.

This doesn’t include the rest of your bumper plates, more med balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, rowers, assault bikes, ski ergs, jump ropes, etc.

The reason we bring this up is because you need to think about your cost structure as it relates to the experience that you want to offer to your clients. No doubt about it, you can try to send people into this workout at different times. You can stagger. You can scale. You can do a myriad of things. But, end of the day, your clients are paying for a service and they want access to equipment as they need it.

What if you didn’t need to have 20 people doing the same thing all at once? If you had 20 people doing that workout, but they did it over a 60 minute period. You may never have more than 3 people doing that particular workout at the same time. Other people may be warming up, some may be rowing, some may be doing jump rope plus kettlebell swing. However you look at it, you can setup your gym to need substantially less equipment while still offering your clients a fantastic service.

In an OPEX Gym, your clients are on their own customized program. They still enjoy and engage with coaches and clients while they are on the floor, but you do not face the same bottleneck of equipment that you would in a group setting that forces all 20 people into the sub 10 minute workout into a 10 minute block. Bottlenecks are what increase costs and decrease flexibility of your service.

OPEX Individual Design Client Performing a lunge

If you could setup for 6 (3 male and 3 female at one moment) vs 20 people in terms of your equipment needs, you’d cut your equipment needs dramatically. Your price would drop from $18,565 to:

  • Plates: $3750 – we took apx 60% to ensure there is enough equipment for all people
  • Bars: $3000 – 60%
  • Wall balls: $1200 – 60%
  • Wall Ball targets: $1000 – 60%
  • Rig: $2795 – 14’ rig vs 24’ rig
  • Total: $11,745 – apx 40% less than what you’d pay otherwise

Equipment is one of the largest capital expenditures that you’ll make when you open your gym. Think clearly about what you need, and think clearly about how you will offer that equipment to your clients. There is more than one way to skin a profitable cat.

Build your gym the right way and provide your clients with a consistent and excellent experience by enrolling in the OPEX Gyms Program today.

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