How to Determine Required Technology

The Business of Fitness Coaching

You as a gym owner must decide what your company’s policy will be in regards to technology. While there is no correct answer or approach, we at OPEX Fitness believe that best approach is to be minimalistic.

“I think there’s a lot of power in removing technology from that experience when they’re doing fitness. So allow them to go out and have a walk and not feel like they’ve gotta have a phone call or look on social media or whatever. Allow them to lift weights and not have to look at their phone every five minutes. Allow them to run on a treadmill perhaps and not need a screen in front of them with CNN or Fox News or whatever. Because that’s just going to be overload on technology.”

Remember that your gym’s policy with technology will obviously influence the design of your gym and services. Global Gyms, like 24 Hour Fitness, generally have more televisions and technology present in the equipment given their attitude towards presenting a supposedly more futuristic future of fitness.

So decide how you want to play it. Recognize that depending on your service, technology is going to play a role in it. But then decide based on how you want to work with your clients, what the most effective method of technology would be to benefit the experience that they have in and out of your gym.

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