James FitzGerald and Mark Bell

James FitzGerald on Mark Bell’s Power Project

OPEX Fitness founder, James FitzGerald was recently on Mark Bell’s Power Project to discuss basic fitness principles for everyone, his history in the sport of functional fitness, and how James is making an impact on future generations. You can watch the full podcast on YouTube here and listen on iTunes here.

Basic Fitness Principles For Everyone

Early in the podcast James and Mark talk about some basic fitness principles. James believes that we need to move every day, “fitness should be like breakfast, it is something we just do”. This is something he embodies himself, follow him on Instagram and watch as he chips away at the goal of exercising for 14,000 days straight here. Not everyone is chasing that 14k mark and James realizes this and encourages people to start with what they are capable of “If you’re not doing anything you’re capable of doing something that is just more than nothing”. James believes in his basic fitness principles so much that he has coined them the OPEX Basic Lifestyle Guidelines (BLGs). Learn the BLGs for yourself in this free course.

James and The History of Competitive Functional Fitness

Halfway through the podcast James and Mark dive into the history of competitive functional fitness. As the 2007 Crossfit Games winner, James, was there at the beginning and the two talk about how the sport has transformed over time.

“At first, the workouts were about variance and consistency with the end goal of balance, and that’s what I fell in love with. But over time the workouts changed to fit an hour group class model.”

James FitzGerald

Even though James is not competing anymore he is still contributing to the progression of the sport. His course Mixed Modal, is designed specifically for competitive functional fitness coaches and athletes and provides the most detailed look at the sport to date. You can learn more about Mixed Modal here.

Making an Impact on Future Generations

The podcast wraps up with James talking about how he is making an impact on future generations through the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP). This course is the culmination of James’ 20+ years of fitness coaching and is the only comprehensive coaching education focusing on all aspects of professional coaching ranging from best business practices to holistic nourishment programs. Through CCP James is making sure that his message of the Basic Lifestyle Guidelines (BLGs) and moving every day is reaching the end consumer.

Looking to begin your own coaching career? Learn the OPEX System of Coaching, the fundamentals of CCP, with our newest offering The Free Coach’s Toolkit. Sign up today and begin learning from James’ 20+ years of experience.


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