The Meat and Nuts Breakfast and its Benefits

You may have heard of Charles Poliquin. Attributed with the success of 17 Olympic medalists, he’s widely considered one of the world’s best strength and conditioning coaches. What you might not know, however, is that Poliquin is also attributed with popularizing another big fitness phenomenon: The Meat and Nuts Breakfast. But what is this breakfast and why is it so effective?

The Meat and Nuts Breakfast is, as its name suggests, a breakfast composed of two items: meat and nuts. Poliquin, always curious about harnessing nutrition for performance, combined these proteins in response to two articles written in 2011. The first in the journal, Obesity, compared and contrasted the effects of a high protein and normal protein diet on two groups of obese men. Those trialling the higher protein diet were found to experience greater fullness throughout the day, a lower desire to eat late at night and a lesser preoccupation with food. Such was attributed to eating protein early in the day, creating a gradual blood sugar increase as the day unfolded.

Meanwhile, the Diabetes Care Journal, published a study by Dr. David Jenkins, a leading pioneer of the glycemic index, in which three groups of type-2 diabetics introduced respectively, 75 grams of nuts per day to their diet, a protein-fortified whole-wheat muffin, and half of a serving of each to their diet. After three months, those that introduced the 75 grams of nuts showed big improvements in their LDL (bad) cholesterol and healthier cholesterol ratios overall than the other two groups. These results suggested nuts are not only good for heart health, but in balancing blood sugar too.

Such was enough for Poliquin to experiment with meal plans that prescribed an array of different meat and nuts for breakfast. His clients reported back just what the above studies suggested: meat and nuts consumed early in the day appear to increase energy, ensure fewer cravings, improve mental clarity and bring about fat loss and muscle gains.

OPEX Fitness Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition expert, Sean McGovern had this to say about starting your day with proteins: “The meat and nuts breakfast is great for clients with solid food hygiene practices and good digestive health. Not only does this provide a great source of protein, but the nutrient density in these foods is fantastic. The blend of macro nutrients will definitely provide adequate energy levels for the fat adapted athlete or general pop client that has a low(er) intensity morning ahead of them. One word of warning: the structure of these foods are ‘tougher’ in nature so be sure your system can break them down before going nuts for this breakfast.”

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