The ‘Sexy’ Workouts Aren’t Always Effective

Ten Minutes of Fitness Conversation between James FitzGerald and Michael Pilhofer

“The market wants entertainment. And here we are having a conversation on something that is perceived to not be entertaining. However workouts and tests that are not entertaining are probably a more true test of fitness.”

Society is obsessed with appearance rather than reality. This generally leads many fitness enthusiasts into situations or training styles that possess no tangible benefit. Rather than push their limits and increase their potential they instead use fitness as a means of entertainment or distraction from daily life.

However, if you want to truly improve your fitness and health, you may have to engage in the activities and practices you perceive as ‘boring’ and a waste of time. James FitzGerald and Michael Pilhofer speak about the recent CrossFit Games regionals competitions as well as the infamous ‘Triple Three’ that made an appearance in the above video.

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