Why a Happy Coach is a Healthy Gym

Perhaps the biggest challenge gyms face is retaining their coaches. Like a revolving door, no sooner is a coach in the facility, then they’re right back out and in another. The reason for this is simple and it sometimes comes down to money.

On average fitness coaches are reported to earn 20 dollars an hour for group classes. Running 15-20 classes per week, that means a coach makes a dismal 1,600 dollars a month. Barely enough to survive on, it’s no surprise that many gyms can’t retain their coaches.

At OPEX we believe coaching is much more than screaming from the sidelines or holding movement standards. Great coaches are the lifeblood of a gym’s community and the embodiment of your brand in and out of the facility. That being the case, it’s vital to your gym’s future and legitimacy that you invest considerable resources into finding and retaining quality coaches.

  • Instead of paying them by the hour, consider paying them per client. Not only does this ensure that each client has a coach; it empowers the coach to take charge of the client’s individual fitness journey. As they gain more clients, they will experience slow yet sizable financial growth, as will your business.
  • Secondly, try elevating your coach to a position where they can design their client’s complete fitness program. This helps the coach master their craft, which in turn gives the coach a sense of fulfillment.

In the process of consulting with hundreds of gyms around the world we’ve discovered that providing financial growth and career fulfillment for coaches is the key to building a thriving gym.

Paying your coaches an hourly or class rate is a critical error that many gym owners make.

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